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Company Swag That Employees Really Want

For many employees, company swag is a sign of loyalty and appreciation for their hard work. It’s also good for morale! When employees feel that their work has been recognized, they are more motivated to do even better work for your company. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to get your brand noticed.

Employees love swag because it shows the company cares about them beyond just giving raises or bonuses. It can be something simple like candy bars or expensive pens. If you can afford to, it’s really great if you can provide swag regularly. Small gestures like this go a long way!

Employees will know their hard work is appreciated by the company when they see giveaways at employee meetings once a quarter or once a year. The gesture lets them know. This encourages them to try new things and become familiar with your brand. Plus, they can do a little swag surfing with their friends or coworkers!

So what are some examples of company swag that employees look forward to having?

Custom Swag Boxes

Custom swag boxes are a fun way to involve your employees in the process of creating company swag. They typically contain 10 to 12 items that you have selected for them but can also be open-ended, depending on your needs.

Employees love custom swag boxes because it’s a pleasant surprise when they come in, and there is a variety of items to choose from, including snacks, pens, and other fun accessories made of vinyl. Of course, the merch is personalized with the company’s brand. The company buys HTV in bulk to produce HTV products for the whole year.

Swag boxes are a great way to create discussion around the office because employees have something small in common. It’s our version of the “water cooler” talk.

Eco-friendly Products

Another excellent option for swag is sustainable, eco-friendly merch. Eco-friendly products are a great way to promote your company’s environmental awareness and boost employee morale because these products allow them to feel better about their work!

Many people are concerned with protecting the environment, so it’s a good idea to seek out sustainable options for your employees. This way, they feel good about using them.

For example, bamboo is sustainable and biodegradable, contributing to their goal of achieving a more eco-friendly community. Plus, bamboo is extremely hardy and has been known to last up to three times as long as normal pens.

Tech Accessories

Another example of a great company swag idea is tech accessories. These are personalized with your company name, logo, and possibly an inspirational quote about your brand.

Tech accessories are a must-have for employees because they have to do so much on their computers. This will especially be helpful when they travel for work. It’s also fast-paced and tech-driven, so they’ll need these to boost their efficiency.

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Candy Bars

And of course, we can’t forget about candy bars! Any type of candy is great, but the best candies are nostalgic or chocolate since it’s a food that people crave and love. Plus, it’s an affordable way to promote your company because it’s a small price to pay.

Coffee Swag

Coffee swag is another fantastic option. It’s so important to stay caffeinated! This merch will motivate employees to keep up with their deadlines and meet the demands of their workdays.

Fitness Gear

If your business involves a lot of physical labor, fitness gear would be a great option. Employees who work outside or in environments where they must constantly lift heavy objects will appreciate this type of swag. It’s also sustainable and eco-friendly!

Water Bottles

Water bottles are an item that is always in demand, and most employees use them regularly. Promoting hydration shows your company’s support for healthy living, which is great for employee morale.

Portable Chargers and Power Banks

Portable chargers and power banks are a fantastic idea for employees who work with technology because they run out of juice all the time, especially in this day and age when we rely on our phones so much. A great way to boost morale is by giving them something that will help them be more efficient in their workday.

The best company swag is the type of merch that will last for a while. Swag can be promotional, which means you are giving something to someone for free with the hope that they’ll remember your brand when deciding what to buy next. Since it provides value without hurting your wallet, it’s a great way to show your employees that you care about them.

All in all, swag shows that the company truly cares about its well-being and morale. It’s not just an empty gesture so that they will feel valued, which is what everyone wants! Employees are hard workers who deserve recognition for their contributions.

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