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The Best Vacation Spots to Visit this Winter

The winter holidays are an excellent time to do some instant traveling. Whether you’re going out of the country or staying domestically, it’s a good idea to plan and figure out where you might want to go for your winter getaway.

When traveling with kids, it’s critical to bring warm clothing. Pack scarves, mittens, and Obermeyer ski jackets for kids, especially if you’re going skiing or sledding.  The last thing you want to happen is the kids catching a cold.

The best part about winter is that no matter where you are, there’s sure to be at least some sort of celebration going on. Whether it’s just a little parade or an all-out carnival, the holidays are always for fun.

Start looking into flights and hotels early, so you don’t miss out! And for your reference, here are the top 7 winter vacation spots in the USA.

  1. Magic Mountain Ski Area, Vermont

This is a small ski area centered in the quaint town of Londonderry, Vermont. There are lots to do around here year-round, but it’s stunning when the snow falls during winter and covers up all the scenery.

The terrain here is relatively small, but the surrounding area makes up for what it lacks in size. For example, there are several ski lodges around Magic Mountain, including Kilburn State Lodge and Long Trail House, where you can stay overnight after a long day of skiing.

Magic Mountain also has activities available for non-skiers, such as sleigh rides, and they also offer mountain biking in the warmer months.

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is famous for Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, and of course, the French Quarter. It’s a great tropical destination with lots to eat, see, and do. The French Quarter is home to a plethora of delectable meals and bars where you can enjoy live jazz music. There are also several museums to explore, including the National WWII Museum and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

  1. Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska

Fairbanks and Anchorage are in the Fairbanks North Star Borough on Alaska’s southernmost coastal plane. These two cities make up the second-largest metropolitan area of Alaska, right after Anchorage itself.

There are several winter activities around here, including ice fishing on one of the many lakes or husky sledding. You can also go to the Ice Museum or visit Santa Claus House to get into the holiday spirit. Alaska is a beautiful place, especially in the wintertime when all of its natural features accentuate by copious amounts of snow.

  1. St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

The island of St. John is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, which are in the Caribbean Sea between Puerto Rico and Florida. The smallest of the three main islands of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John is a small island with many outdoor activities available year-round, including hiking and biking on some of the most beautiful trails you’ll ever see.

In addition, you can do so much more during wintertime, such as scuba diving in the clear blue waters or sailing around the island.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

The Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, is one of those places that simply never gets old. You can always find something to do here, even during the winter months. There are many great concerts to see around Las Vegas year-round, including Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, and Elton John. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants to visit, including Binion’s Steakhouse, which has been open since 1951, serving delicious steaks for lunch and dinner.

Las Vegas is an excellent place for singles or families with something fun to do around every corner. If you want some winter entertainment on the cheap, this holiday looks no further than Las Vegas!

  1. Crystal River, Florida

If you’re looking for a great winter getaway to warm, sunny Florida, look no further than Crystal River. This city is located just north of Tampa Bay in the west-central coastal area of the state.

Crystal River has opportunities for outdoor activities year-round, including kayaking, canoeing, and scuba diving. There are also several spas in the area that you can visit, including the Citrus Spa at Marina Village, which offers guests a wide variety of services ranging from massages to facials to body treatments.

Crystal River is also well known for winter tours by airboat, where you have the opportunity to see many species of birds unique only to Florida, as well as alligators up close.

  1. The Southernmost point of Key West, Florida

In the extreme southern part of Florida is an island called Key West, about 105 miles from Miami. The people here are very liberal-minded and laid back, which is evident when looking at the local culture.

The climate in Key West is warm year-round, with daytime temperatures averaging about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It does tend to be a bit hotter in the summer months, but this also means you’ll have more opportunities to go out and enjoy outdoor activities such as snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, boating, swimming, bicycling, and even horseback riding.

If you find yourself looking to get away this winter but are stuck for options, this list can help you find your winter vacation. From the deserts of Las Vegas to the sunny coasts of Florida, there’s a bit of something for everyone.

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