going out during pandemic

Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable during Covid-19

Everybody loves vacation. Sometimes, it’s the only time to rejuvenate and reduce the stress we’re feeling due to busy work and hectic schedules. Let’s admit it, living in the city can be highly stressful at times, mainly because our daily activities tend to be repetitive.

The recent pandemic wasn’t so helpful as well. Due to constant lockdowns and travel restrictions, many of us feel the need to get out and travel to keep our sanity in check. Thankfully, the tourism industry is starting to go back to normal.

To ensure that you make the most of your “back to normal” vacation post-covid, take note of these tips below.

Planning a Vacation amid Covid-19

Safety first! So before we talk about how you’re going to enjoy your post-covid adventure, it’s important to remember these things first:

  1. Know the risks. Even though everything is slowly going back to how it used to be, the virus is still there. Take note of the places you need to avoid to reduce the risk of getting infected.
  2. Protect your kids. The covid vaccine is available only for kids above 12. So if you have children below 12, it would be wiser to consider a regular flu vaccine as protection.
  3. The restrictions might affect your plans. Some state or countries change their travel restrictions often. Make sure to anticipate these changes as they might affect your plans.
  4. Travel safely. Wear a mask, bring alcohol, practice social distancing, and always wash after spending the day outdoor.
  5. Plan safe activities. There’s nothing wrong with planning fun activities, but you have to ensure that you do not include crowded places.

That said, let’s find out how to have an enjoyable vacation during the covid-19.

Go with the Flow

With or without coronavirus, your adventure will be more fun if you go with the flow. Remember, you travel to enjoy life and not stress about the little things like where to eat, what to do, and what to buy.

The only way to have a stress-free vacation is by being carefree. Enjoy the moment and leave all your worries behind without forgetting the safety measures to follow.

For example, if you can’t find a place for dinner, get out of your hotel room and walk around the block. You might find a hidden restaurant in an alley with delicious meals.


Unplugging while on vacation means reducing the use of mobile phones and preventing yourself from checking out your social media all the time. If possible, put your phone inside your bag so you will not be tempted to check your notifications.

However, unplugging may be a bit challenging, especially if your boss keeps on calling you about a report that’s due the following week. Or if your worried mom keeps on texting you to ask for updates.

If this is the case, you have to make a plan. For instance, most IT outsourcing services employees ensure that they cover all their responsibilities before leaving for a vacation. As for your mom, make a deal with her that you will update her every night before you go to bed, so she won’t keep bugging you the entire day.

Go Local!

Whenever you travel, make sure to include the local areas in your itinerary. Don’t just go to the popular tourist spots, visit the local market, see the town church, and meet people. Exploring the place on a personal level makes the adventure more memorable.

Unfortunately, many tourists don’t practice this habit. They check in to the resort, stay there for a few days, visit famous places, and return to their comfortable rooms. Every town, city, and country has a history; learn about them more to make your journey meaningful.

Appreciate the Little Things

In the middle of our busy lives, it’s easy to lose track of the little things that matter. When you travel, make sure to appreciate even the most unsubstantial stuff you see along the way, like landscapes, trees, birds singing, and the crash of the waves in the ocean.

Enjoying these little things with your loved ones will not only make your trip enjoyable but highly unforgettable as well. Once you start to appreciate the little things, it’ll be easier for you to enjoy the vacation from the heart.

In general, going on a vacation is a fun and exciting activity. But you can make it even more remarkable by following the tips above. Despite the restrictions brought by the pandemic, you can still have fun and enjoy your life, of course, while following safety protocols.