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Useful Spotify Hacks You Should Try for Your Daily Activities

Audio has become part of everyone’s lives. Even before televisions, people listened first to their radios to get the news, hear music, and get entertained. Decades later, these audio experiences have evolved into digital forms. Something that you can fit inside your mobile phone. Audio streaming services have taken over. One of them is Spotify which most people are using today.

Starting as a simple music streaming service, Spotify has gone bigger. The Swedish audio platform is now one of the most used streaming services in the world. With over 165 million premium subscribers, there’s no stopping for Spotify.

But little did people know, the streaming platform has more to offer. Since Spotify has become part of many people’s lives, their team has added features you can use while doing everyday things. They’re now more than a platform for streaming audio. Spotify has become an immersive experience for its subscribers.

If you’re wondering how you can maximize your use of the streaming service, check this out. Here are some useful Spotify hacks that you can try right now.

Spin like a DJ

One great way to use Spotify is for your parties. With an endless variety of dance and party music on the platform, you won’t run out of songs to get your celebrations going. But if you want to become your own party’s DJ without those classic vinyl LPs for your turntable, you can use Spotify.

Integrate the streaming service into DJ apps on your smart devices. Queue songs that you want to play next. You can even choose songs that match the tempo of the previous song that’s playing for a smooth transition.

But if you want autopilot playing so you can join the party, use a playlist called Spotify mint. This playlist might look like your ordinary dance music playlist. But it isn’t. Once you start playing it, it’s going to play non-stop like you’re at a party.

Gaps between songs are eliminated, and smooth transitions are done automatically. It’s going to make you feel like a club DJ is spinning you the hottest songs in the electro and dance scene.

Play it like a good old radio

radio dj adjusting equalizer

With streaming services slowly taking over radios, people somehow missed the old times. If you’re a Gen x-er or a millennial, you would know how that feels. If you want to feel nostalgic, you can listen to your Spotify like how you listened to your radios years ago. Remember how radios used to play songs with cross-fades? You can do that in your Spotify app. Just go to settings, then under playback, choose cross-fade and enable it.

Now, you can listen to songs like how radios used to play music. There’s also a feature called “Your Daily Drive” within the app. It’s a playlist that combines music and talk content. This one is perfect for your morning commute to work. Check the latest news alongside your favorite hits with this playlist. Listen to the app like the good old times when it didn’t even exist yet.

Speed-based playlist

Working out with music in your ears can get you motivated. While you can create a custom workout playlist, Spotify has something you might like more. Speed-based playlists combine songs with the same speed measured by beats per minute.

Listen to Running Mid Tempo > 140 BPM to feel more energetic. Or wear men’s bodybuilding clothes and turn on a playlist that matches your reps to feel in sync with the music. That’s going to give you a lot of stamina when you start to work out.

Storytelling for sleep and guided meditation

One feature that Spotify added over the years is podcasts. From news to talk shows, they have everything now. But podcasts have more to offer. You can listen to podcasts that’ll help you fall asleep faster. There’s a ton of bedtime story podcasts available on the audio streaming platform. If you want to relax and get into mindfulness, you can find guided meditations under podcasts too. These are just some of the new ways to let your mind rest.

Daily horoscope

Spotify isn’t leaving out Astrology fans. The streaming service can give you your daily horoscope, so you’ll know what to expect in your life today. “Horoscope Today” is a broadcast to get you updated with how your fate is going to look like if you’re into Astrology. If you want to know if the stars will align for you today, go ahead and listen to what your horoscope will tell you.

Spotify isn’t just for listening to music anymore, just like how it used to be. Good thing that the streaming service has evolved into something that people can use more to help with their daily activities. Try these Spotify hacks and see how they can improve your experience with the audio platform.