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Skincare Online: Is Technology Enough?

No doubt, people value their skincare. It is important to them that they buy skincare products for their skincare routine. This is especially true now that different skincare products are emerging in the market. One popular trend is Korean skincare. From facial masks, facial cleansers to facial toners, people are willing to buy them as long as it promises them the glass skin they’ve been dreaming of.

Yet, skincare is not only about beauty. It is more of protecting one’s skin from rashes, spots, and acne. It’s about preventing serious skin disorders that may put their health in danger.

With this, some people consult experts for professional skincare advice. They are also willing to undergo treatments and surgeries. And to top it all, they are willing to pay for it.

Yet, due to the pandemic, visits to dermatologists have decreased. Sales of skincare products were also affected by the crisis. But, it should be noted that the interest in skincare remained. It’s because people realized the importance of taking care of the skin during the pandemic.

Interest in skin care increases despite the pandemic

According to reports, sales of luxury skincare products declined by 11% last year at the onset of the pandemic. This includes lotions and facial creams, facial cleansers, and serums. Some shoppers shifted their shopping preference to self-care routines and their mental well-being. But, people had to stop seeing their dermatologists due to the limited operations of dermatology clinics. They do skin treatments that can be done at home. They also used skincare products available over the counter or online.

Reports also showed that shoppers now are buying skincare products online. Their skin concerns include acne issues and skin aging. They also worry about lifestyle problems. Shoppers also have sensitive skin and hormone-related skin concerns. These concerns still remain, even if most people stay indoors during the pandemic.

And because of the pandemic, teledermatology has become a trend. And experts say it will continue being the trend post-pandemic.

Teledermatology is a combination of telehealth and dermatology. It refers to conducting virtual consultations with dermatologists on skin-related concerns. This is to avoid physical contact and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This also frees up space at hospitals for COVID-19 patients. It makes skincare treatments accessible to patients without risking their health.

According to a recent study, patients who consulted dermatologists online liked that consultations were time-efficient. They also didn’t have to commute, so they were able to maintain social distancing. Yet, some also believed that because it was online, they felt something was incomplete with the consultation.

There is no doubt that online consultations are efficient, safe, and accessible. Yet, there are still treatments that need an actual visit to clinics. Here are some reasons why online consultations are sometimes not enough:

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· There are treatments that need machines only available in clinics.

Yes, you can buy some small machines and products for your skincare at home. But, high-quality skincare equipment such as Alma laser is only available in actual clinics. Such machines are used for laser hair removal, scar revision, tattoo removals, and other advanced aesthetic, medical, and surgical technology for skin treatments.

· There are skin conditions that are better assessed by dermatologists in person.

Online consultations use technology such as sending photos and videos for proper assessment. Sometimes, the dermatologist and the patient also engage in video calls. Yet, for serious conditions, skin specialists require their patients to come by the clinic to undergo tests. These tests are only available in the clinic. Only professional health practitioners should do such treatments.

· There is a need to conduct a series of tests.

Some conditions require a series of tests. Thus, patients should be in the clinic. It is also ideal that the skin specialist can personally talk to the patient to discuss the issues. This is especially the case when it is serious. Serious conditions like skin cancer are best-discussed face to face.

Thanks to technology, it is now easier for people to continue their skincare treatments online. But, it can only do so much. This is why it is best to observe and take note of your conditions. This is so you can initially discuss your issues through the online assessment. It is now up to the skincare specialists if they will need you to visit their clinic.

Skin problems can lead to serious problems, so it’s better safe than sorry. After all, it’s your skin that is at stake. You wouldn’t want your skin damaged just because you did the wrong treatment or used the wrong product.

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