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Netflix Shows to Help You on Your Home Projects

Are you one of the people who can recognize home designs they like but have no idea how to do them? If yes, you are not a rare breed.

So many people know what looks pretty and comfortable but can’t understand how they can make such a design on their own. Well, you can always turn to imitation when it comes to things you are not a pro at. Nothing is wrong with that. And, you can always turn to TV show for some inspiration.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

You are probably familiar with Marie Kondo. Yes, she’s the one who said you should throw away things that don’t spark joy. If you intend to apply that to other areas of your life, you are free to do so. But please be informed that she meant the extra stuff that clutters your house.

Marie Kondo introduces in the show the tidying process she calls the Konmari method. Divided into five categories, it goes in a specific order: clothing, books, paper, komono (miscellaneous items), and sentimental items. This is arranged by the level of increasing challenge. It is easier to declutter your wardrobe, but the hardest to let go of sentimental items.

Marie Kondo recognizes that there are emotions attached to possessions. So letting go of them may affect you with shame and guilt. She helps address all these emotions in the show.

By watching the show, you will learn that clutter affects relationships. You will also learn that tidying up will help you express your ideal self.

Tiny House Nation

If you want to downsize or you just want to experience living in a smaller space since it’s cheaper and upkeep is easier, you might want to consider following the tiny house movement.

To get acquainted with it, you can watch “Tiny House Nation” on Netflix. It’s all about, you’ve guessed it, tiny living. It is not a rare subject of TV shows to talk about the ups and downs of tiny living. But with the show, you will gain some insightful lessons on why people actually consider living in smaller spaces. You might as well be a convert after finishing the episodes.

One important lesson you will learn from the show is that you don’t really need that much space. Most of the time, you just have way too much stuff.

After the show, you will start looking at spaces in your house. Some spaces are occupied by stuff you don’t even use. Only keep the essentials in your living room. Only buy home kitchen accessories you actually use for everyday cooking and eating. All the stuff you did not even use for months, it’s best to let them go.

You should watch this show before or after watching Marie Kondo’s. You will easily become a minimalist after watching both shows.

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The Apartment

Are you planning to change up a few things inside your house? Do you like watching reality shows? If you tick both boxes, then you’ve just found your next Netflix binge.

“The Apartment” is a long-running reality series about interior design. It is basically a competition among amateur designers. They have to design a room each week and a panel of judges rates their skills and creativity.

You won’t exactly walk away from the show feeling inspired that you can handle your next project like a pro. You’ll be watching a lot of ugly crying over poorly designed projects. But you will definitely pick up some helpful insights from the show.

Grand Designs

You will not get the same excitement for drama you get from watching “The Apartment” from this show. But, if you are serious about learning the process of construction, this show will help you. “Grand Designs” will take you from Day 1 to the completion day of people’s dream homes.

The show dives deep into the specific details of building a house. You will learn things about interior design, architecture, and engineering all in one show. You will be following engineers and architects as they navigate through the problem-solving processes related to each project.

It is obviously not easy to build a house, but you still may be surprised by the problems these professionals face in the process of creating homes for people.

Getting inspiration from TV shows for your next DIY project is hitting two birds with one stone. You get to watch quality entertainment while working your way through your DIY home project. All the lessons you picked up from these shows, you will definitely be able to apply in other projects you will do in the future.

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