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How to Secure Business Assets Using Technology

One thing you have to give up when opening a business is the money you spend in capital. You’re not going to see these funds back anytime soon. But with patience and perseverance, it’s going to pay off as revenue.

This is the reason why it’s hard to lose assets due to circumstances like theft. It’s going to affect your operations overall. It’s discouraging. With the prevalence of burglary in the US, houses and businesses aren’t 100% safe. The only thing you can do to combat crimes is protect your business, especially your assets.

The good thing is technology has greatly helped many when it comes to security from crimes. Businesses are also benefiting from these technological advancements. Thus, if you’re planning to open up a business, here are some things you can do to protect your assets using technology.


The most common way to protect your assets in a retail store is by using security tags. You usually see these tags attached to clothes. They may seem like something that doesn’t do anything, but they’re useful. These security tags are transmitters. They can send signals to those receivers you see at the stores’ entrance and exit doors.

So, if someone steals a clothing article with a tag attached to it, the tags will transmit signals to the receiver. The receiver or bars you pass through will then trigger an alarm. This will alert security personnel. This whole system is technically known as Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS. Having a system like this can help secure your store. Pair it with an excellent security camera system, and you’re good to go.


Vehicles may be one of the least targeted by thieves. But this doesn’t mean that they’re not prone to be stolen. Vehicles are still expensive. That’s why it’s just proper to have them secured before anything else. This is a must, especially when you own fleet vehicles and leased ones. Even losing one will surely get your operation derailed.

A great way to protect them is by using GPS trackers on cars or any vehicles. These trackers help reduce the risk of financial decline due to asset loss. Whether you’re loaning vehicles or rentals, these devices are essential. Investing a lot in business assets itself is risky. Reduce the instances of having to deal with financial loss. Get your vehicles secured and protected from thieves.


When it comes to businesses that involve electronic devices as merchandise, security should be a priority. Opening a refurbished phones store or a gadget shop is a good idea. Electronics are very profitable nowadays. However, you can’t just let these devices be on display without any security. The good thing is there is already a lot of anti-theft solutions. These are devices useful for protecting the gadgets you’re selling. Merchandising security equipment can be easily bought in online retailer stores.

You can buy the ones you usually see in electronic shops like security stands. There are also security devices that are equipped with chargers. These are helpful so you can keep your phone powered while on display. Magnetic grips and smart recoilers are an option too for smaller devices like phones.

Most of these devices could trigger alarms if gadgets were detached from them. Aside from this, you can already locate stolen gadgets or disable them, so they would be no use for thieves. Gadgets are very handy. Make it difficult for the thieves to steal them.


a woman wearing jewelry

Did you know that jewelry is the most stolen property in the US next to money? That’s according to a study released last year. It’s common knowledge that opening a jewelry shop isn’t cheap. The pieces of jewelry alone can cost you a lot. That’s why it’s important to keep them safe from thieves and burglars, especially those on display. Strong glasses are a big help to get them secured. But to add another layer of protection, you should invest in tracking devices for jewelry. Jewelry tags are trackers that use RFID technology.

They can even be integrated into phone apps for user-friendly utilization. If you’re a jeweler and need to ask someone to visit a client, this tracker will be useful. And, of course, the best use for these trackers is when someone illegally possesses pieces of your jewelry. You can easily alert the authorities of the thieves’ whereabouts. Yes, these jewelry tags have GPS too. Make use of these security devices for your most priced business assets.

Decrease the risk of asset loss and prevent revenue reduction. Take care of your expensive business assets by securing them. Invest in high-tech security equipment for your assets to minimize the risk of losing them.