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Working Out on Your Own? Here Are 4 Fitness Apps That Can Help

Thinking about working out on your own is already a challenging feat. It’s something that makes almost anyone drop their fitness goals and stay in bed on weekends, especially without a gym subscription. Luckily, the growing mobile application development industry provides people with all the apps they need, even ones you thought never existed.

Doing something without a clear set of objectives is always a bad thing in business, management, marketing, and even fitness. How will you know if you are hitting your KPIs and goals? How will you track your progress? Most importantly, how will you develop a clear strategy for your approach? In this case, how will you know how and where to start with your workouts? Well, there is a solution in the form of fitness apps.

As for this list, we will talk about the mobile applications that are handy for your workout dilemma. We will talk about fitness apps that are presented with great UI, features, and functions. Thus, the next time you feel like you are on your own working out, you can try the following fitness apps.

1. Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy is, well, your fitness buddy. It is a virtual gym instructor and friend that will be reminding you of your fitness goals, food intake, and proper workout forms. It will also be helping you find the right fitness plan that caters to your lifestyle, preference, and capability. It is a recommended fitness app for newbie gym-goers and is perfect for those who are trying to get their groove at home. You can use this whenever you are going for a morning sprint or basic crunches at home. The app will track your progress and show you reports of how well you did in the session.

2. Strava

Moving on, Strava is an app specifically designed to measure progress and motivate users to achieve their goals. It is a bit extreme compared to Fitness Buddy that is because it functions more than a buddy. Strava is an app that uses GPS and real-time positioning trackers to measure how far you have jogged, biked, or even walked! The app can even be used as a bike tracker that will show you your stats: how fast you are going and what your average speed is. But the best part about Strava is it shows you the exact trail you left on the map, and so you will know your routes after every activity. Some creative people on the internet found an even more exciting way to utilize the app, and that is by drawing dinosaurs on the map!

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3. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Now, this is an app for those who are dedicated to a physical fitness goal. We have talked about struggling to find motivation without a physical trainer, right? However, there are also those people who are not yet comfortable working with a fitness expert. Hence, working out independently, and there is nothing to be ashamed of that. That is quite admirable for all things considered because it takes commitment, dedication, and consistency. These things that this app can help you start with. The app will help you start with small and manageable workout routines until you get the hang out of doing crunches, stretches, and even push-ups. All activities are tailored to your fitness goal and your body type.

However, if you are wondering about the effectiveness of this fitness coach app, the 4.8 and 4.9 ratings it has on both Google Play and App Store should suffice for you to try it. Just remember that consistency is key and your dedication to the fitness plan for 30 days.

4. Window

The last fitness app in this list is for those who are also doing intermittent fasting while doing independent workout activities. See, intermittent fasting is what people do to regulate their food intake and improve their metabolism by triggering the body’s natural response to fasting. When fasting, your body is pushed to work on its natural fuel, your fats, to function and send enough energy to your whole system. Therefore, you are burning fats when you are undergoing fasting.

Window is a user-friendly app that will track the times when you are fasting and the window to eat finally. That is key to all fasting plans: knowing the right time to eat and being consistent.

Final Thoughts

Working out and staying fit might be challenging to do on your own. Luckily, with these apps, you do not have to go in blind. So what are you waiting for? Try these apps and achieve your fitness goal today.