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Things To Do When You Take Your Wife To The City Of Love, Paris!

Is taking your wife or partner to the city of love a good way to make her fall in love with you more? Yes. But why? It’s because of all the romantic things that you can do together. These things will be memories that you both will cherish forever. A lot of ladies dream of going to Paris with the man of their lives. And you taking her to the city of love will be the best time of her life.

So what are the activities that you can do when you get to the city of love? In this article, we are going to give you romantic things you can do together in Paris.

Romantic Things You Can Do With Your Wife In Paris

These activities will surely make your love fall deeper with each other.

1. Visit the Temple of Love Island

The Temple of Love the best place to watch the sunset with your wife. After all, it’s not called the Temple of Love for nothing. You can find it right in the heart of the lake in Bois de Vincennes.

This place is not quite known by many, so you surely can enjoy your moment without a crowd. But it might require a trip from the center of Paris. However, that would only make your date more exciting. If your wife doesn’t know where you are taking her, it would be a thrilling adventure for her.

Have a tour throughout the lake until you see the Temple of Love. You can choose from going through a bridge on the other side of the lake or hopping on a boat to take you there. It is also one of the best places to propose or do a photo shoot.

2. Do the tango on the Seine

If the weather is good, people who love to tango gather at the mini-amphitheater along the Seine, dancing under the moon. You can watch these lovers dance while drinking wine with your partner. Or you can join them.

This place has a lot of perfect scenes. A little old man would be sitting on the edge of the river with his radio playing music for tango while guarding the dancers’ items. The Seine is a perfect date spot in Paris.

3. Lady in the Tramp Dinner

Have you watched Lady in the tramp? Do you remember the scene in the cobblestone alleyway where they ate spaghetti? Well, you can recreate that scene in this place.

If you don’t keep a close check on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, you’ll miss the concealed tunnel at #159. At this delightful little secret of the 11th arrondissement, try Fabrizio’s homemade Italian specialties and pasta like saffron risotto and clam linguine.

After finishing your dinner, go forth the lane, through Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine (going to Bastille), then turn right, heading to Rue Charonne for an exclusively mesmerizing evening stroll around the neighborhood, complete with unique bars (with terraces) for an evening drink.

4. The best pizza delivery

pizza delivery

There is a little company called Pink Flamingo, owned by a Franco-American couple. They brand themselves as “pas comme Les Autres,” meaning “not like the others.” They offer the best pizza delivery that you won’t forget.

Choose a spot along the banks of Canal Saint-Martin while holding a pink balloon from Pink Flamingo. The pizza delivery man will use the pink balloon as a beacon to locate your location and present you with your pizza order. As soon as the delivery man steps on the, you can immediately smell the mouthwatering pizza.

5. Have a drive in a Vintage Citröen

Have a ride with 4 Rues sous 1 Parapluie company. They offer a one-hour ride that starts from 120 euros. And 180 euros for an hour and a half.

The moment goes like this: A charming Frenchman in a striped shirt will arrive at your apartment/hotel to drive you on a vintage convertible Citröen CV2 open-roof tour of Paris. You can advise him to lead the route and to bring you to all the city’s hidden gems, or you can give him a more precise notion of the types of unusual sights you’d want to see. Almost all the drivers are fluent in many languages and have extensive knowledge about Paris.

Roaming around the city can also be a great activity for parents visiting the city with a teenage daughter: she can sit in the front seat and speak with the adorable young Parisian chauffeur while her parents stare at each other in the back! Just an idea.

There are a lot of things that you can do while in Paris. But these five are some of the best. The fact that you are in the city of love with the love of your life is enough to be called a romantic date.