How to Grow Bulk Wildflower Seeds

In this informative video, Angela from Growing in the Garden shares valuable insights into the benefits of planting wildflowers from bulk wildflower seeds and provides practical tips for ensuring successful growth. Angela’s expertise shines as she guides viewers through the process of adding native wildflowers to their yards, beginning with the recommendation to choose species that are native to their region. Planting these wildflowers in the fall sets the stage for robust spring growth.

Key considerations for optimal wildflower growth include providing good drainage and ensuring ample sunlight.

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Angela advises against over-seeding the area, instead relying on winter rains or diligently watering the seeds until they germinate. Her guidance extends to helping viewers distinguish between weed seedlings and wildflower seedlings, a crucial skill for maintaining a thriving garden.

Angela also shares some of her favorite wildflower varieties, offering practical recommendations for those looking to diversify their garden. Importantly, she underscores the significance of allowing wildflower blooms to develop seeds, ensuring the return of these delightful plants year after year. The speaker encourages the collection of seeds from abundant blooms, providing an opportunity to share the joy of wildflowers with others.

Throughout the video, Angela’s passion for wildflowers is evident, and she expresses the continuous delight derived from the yearly return of these vibrant blooms. Gardening enthusiasts will find Angela’s tips and enthusiasm inspiring as they embark on their wildflower planting journeys.

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