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Ideal First Date Destinations for Successful Couples

The dating scene is a bit different for the elite. For one thing, they tend to be private with their affairs. They don’t go on dates to be able to post something nice on Instagram. Some of them may like to date casually, but it doesn’t mean they’re not conscious of their image. Even if they’re not serious in a relationship, they carefully select the people they welcome into their inner circle. So if you’re about to go on a first date with someone wealthy, you must be pretty special, if not rich yourself.

But if your date was made possible by an experienced matchmaker, then you have less to worry about. Your matchmaker can help you plan the date that would surely impress your match. However, it’s not a matchmaker’s job to pick the destination and activities for the date. They only help you work on your confidence and ensure that your dates are with people worthy of your time.

Once you’ve been set up with a match, you’re pretty much on your own. It would be up to you to get to know the person and how you’d open up to them. Set the mood for the getting-to-know-you stage by picking any of these first date destinations:

1. Various Restaurants

The first date in a single restaurant can feel like a job interview. So make the atmosphere friendlier by visiting different restaurants for each course of the meal. For antipasto, pick an Italian restaurant, then consider going Mediterranean for soup. If your date enjoys Asian food, they may appreciate having sushi for lunch. Then go to a cozy cake shop for dessert. Restaurant-hopping will make your first date more exciting, but make sure you’ve planned. If you end up asking each other where to eat, and neither of you could decide, that would be a disaster.

2. Sporting Event

If you’re a woman who decided to make the first move, ask if your match is interested in any sport. Then find out if that sport has an upcoming live game. Surprise him by getting tickets for both of you, or make plans with him to watch the game. Considering that this is the first date, it may be wiser to plan together. But if your match is someone you’re already familiar with, surprising him may work.

3. Sports Bar

If neither you nor your match is interested in any sport, have some fun by seeing how well you’d play a particular sport. Go to a sports bar and try your hand at table tennis, billiards, or bowling. Friendly competition can bring out your carefree sides, making your first date more comfortable instead of awkward.

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4. The Lake or the River

Going for an outdoor adventure is another way to make a first date comfortable. But of course, make sure that your date is down for it. If they turn out to be terrified of water, then you’ve just ensured that there won’t be a second date.

However, calmer water activities, like kayaking or a river cruise, won’t terrify someone scared of the water. If you value first impressions, you can rent a yacht right away. But that may be too extravagant for a first date. Keep it low-key for the meantime by sticking to simpler activities.

5. Tea House or Room

Since your date would probably be a stranger — technically speaking — both of you may benefit from a simple tea house date. The advantage of this is that warm beverages can, in fact, induce warm interpersonal feelings. As such, a tea house date may help you open up more and make eye contact without getting flustered. It would also benefit your date in case they are also socially awkward.

6. The Karaoke

If both of you are extroverted without problems exposing your goofy side, you will enjoy a karaoke date — as long as you both love singing, of course. Dismantle the walls between you two by belting out your go-to karaoke song. Cheer your date up as they do the same, whether they can carry a tune or not. If you enjoyed each other’s company, karaoke dates could become your routine, bringing you closer together until you make things official.

Whichever destination you pick, ensure that it’s somewhere your partner will be comfortable going to. If they mentioned disliking parties, for example, then don’t take them to the club. Exert effort in getting to know them, and remember that your first date is for them as much as it is for you. Therefore, you should choose a place where your interests meet halfway.

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