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Nine DIY Nursery Decorations with Everyday Household Items

Your little one will be coming soon, and you’re starting to get ready for their arrival. You want the nursery to be perfect—but how are you going to decorate it? If you have a limited budget or need some unique ideas, this article is for you. Here are nine DIY projects that you can easily fit into your budget and give your baby’s room a perfect look:

1. Mobile

Materials: 10 wine corks, embroidery thread or yarn, paint/markers for decorating, nails

Instructions: Cut the tip off each of the wine cork pieces so that they have a flat top. Stick your chosen embellishments onto the top of each cork piece—use paint or markers. String them onto the embroidery thread or yarn, and tie a knot at each end to secure. Decorate the ends of your string with nails. Hang them above your baby’s crib and watch them drift slowly in their sleep.

2. Fabric Covered Boxes

Materials: plain storage boxes, fabric, decoupage glue, scissors, paintbrush

Instructions: Cover each storage box with fabric by first cutting out the design you would like to use. Coat each side of the box with decoupage glue using your paintbrush. Press your cut-out fabric down onto the glue on one side of the box and smooth it over with your fingers. Repeat until all sides of your box are covered with fabric. Let it dry for an hour and then paint over each side again with a second layer of decoupage glue to ensure that your design will not peel off over time. These boxes are perfect as storage options. You can store extra clothes inside, some baby goods and toys, and a few art materials.

3. Seat Cushion

Materials: cushion cover, braid trim, needle and thread/fabric glue, drill

Instructions: Find a suitable cushion to use. Lay your braid trim out on top of it and mark out how much fabric will be needed with masking tape. Cut the fabric with fabric scissors. Put the cushion cover back on your cushion and hand stitch or glue down your trim to one side, creating a border around your cushion. Use a drill to make holes around the edge of your cushion cover and thread ribbon or twine through them all to tie it closed.

4. Alphabet Wall Decals

alphabet decor

Materials: googly eyes, paint brushes, Mod Podge or other sealants, alphabet wall decals

Instructions: Arrange your letters the way you want them on the wall and stick down one eye to each letter using your sealant. Paint around each eye with different colors and let it dry. Glue on the corresponding googly eye above each painted one for a personal touch.

5. Lampshade

Materials: lampshade, ribbon or yarn, scissors, light bulb and cord set, drill with a hole saw attachment

Instructions: Measure how much fabric you will need to cover your lampshade with a piece of ribbon or yarn. Cut it out of your desired fabric. Drill a hole in the top of the lampshade and pass your cord through, making sure to tie a knot at each end to avoid any accidents. Twist the yarn or ribbon and hot glue it onto the inside of your lampshade for decoration like Princess Elsa’s braid in “Frozen.”

6. Drawer Dividers

Materials: fabric, felt or other material for lining, hot glue gun

Instructions: Find the size of your drawers and cut out pieces of fabric that are two inches bigger on all sides. Line your drawer with a piece of felt or another suitable material before laying down your dividers to prevent ink from getting on your drawer fronts. Use a hot glue gun to attach the top of each divider and make sure it doesn’t come loose from wear and tear over time.

7. Paper Bird Feeder

Materials: empty egg carton, pencil, scissors, googly eyes, glue stick, paintbrush, and sealant

Instructions: Draw different shapes onto the sides of each egg cup. Cut them out and use them to decorate your paper birds by gluing on the eyes. To make a bird feeder, cut a hole in the top of each carton and put them on a string. Fill with birdseed and hang up outside for your little ones to enjoy watching the birds eat.

8. Bookends

Materials: heavy duty cardboard, hot glue gun and sticks, X-acto knife, paintbrush

Instructions: Measure out how tall you want your bookends to be from the floor. Make a rectangle that size on a piece of paper with arrows at the top and bottom pointing up. Cut it out and use it as a template to create another rectangle on your cardboard. Draw arrows pointing down on the second piece of cardboard. Use your paintbrush to spread hot glue in between both pieces of cardboard and stick them together, with the arrows pointing in opposite directions. Let it dry, and then cut off the excess with the knife. Paint over with a second coat of paint and let it dry.

9. Picture Frame

picture frame

Materials: photo frame, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge or other sealants, scissors, glitter, and glue stick

Instructions: Measure your frame and cut out a piece of scrapbook paper that is big enough to fit inside and wrap around the outside. Apply the Mod Podge or other sealant to frame and place scrapbook paper on top, smoothing out any bubbles underneath with your fingers. Coat it again and then sprinkle glitter onto the wet layer for a sparkly coat that will also keep your piece in place.

With these simple DIY projects, you won’t need to spend a pretty penny on decorating your new baby’s nursery. All you need is just a little elbow grease and a few items found at home, and you’re good to go.

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