Creative Wedding Shots for Modern-day Couples

Wedding preparations entail a long list of things to do and vendors to have. The couple needs to make many decisions for them to have an unforgettable event. The prolific use of social media heightened the pressure for “Instagrammable” wedding moments.

As such, wedding photographers need to step up their games. They have to think of fresh concepts that will attract more clients. Couples look for more creativity when it comes to their wedding shots. For example, white gold wedding rings for her and him may need some unique background. LED lights bring out their timeless beauty. There are still many ways to photograph wedding bands far from the traditional shots. Here are some more examples of wedding shots that would make a wedding memorable.

Aerial Shots

Drones have made their way to different fields. Drone shots are very helpful in the agriculture or real estate industry. But, it does not end there. Modern-day wedding photographers have drone cameras as part of their essential equipment. This type of investment helps to upgrade their brand.

Using aerial shots is one creative way to capture the details of a wedding. It could give a full view of the venue or the bride’s wedding dress. An aerial shot is especially helpful in destination or beach weddings. Imagine a shot of the couple running with the sand and waves as their natural background. Any couple would love to have this kind of shot as part of their memories.

Unexpected Weather Shots

Any couple would always want good weather for an outdoor wedding. But, it does not always turn out that way. The disappointment from dismal weather may have its root in many causes. Among them are having a ruined set-up and the inconvenience of the guests. That is why it is important to have a contingency plan when it comes to outdoor weddings.

Of course, couples also see gloomy weather as an inferior backdrop for the wedding shots. But, this is where modern-day photographers must step up and prove their craft. A drizzle or downpour proves as an excellent background for beautiful wedding photos. It could be the couple sharing a sweet kiss under an umbrella. It could also be the bride and groom having fun in the rain like children. Having the gloomy weather as a background also helps to bring the focus more on the couple. The photographer must know how to convince the couple that it is all about perspective.


Reflection Shots

Water, glass, or mirrors cast off a reflection of anything that is near it or above it. A creative wedding photographer would not pass up the chance to do reflection shots.

Reflection shots could be part of any part of the wedding. It could be while the bride is preparing or it could also be when the couple is running off after the ceremony. The double images that these shots create add interest and drama to an otherwise simple shot. The photographer must know how to get the correct angle to capture a great duplicate of the subject.

Send-off Shots

Guests are an important part of a wedding. They celebrate with the new chapter of the couple. An important wedding shot that photographers must not forget is send-off shots. This is the part where guests express their joy by having symbolic things tossed or waved at the couple. Some traditional takes are rice, petals, and confetti.

Some use modern send-off props for more fun and to have amazing photos. Consider using sparklers, bubbles, LED balloons, Chinese lanterns, glow lights, or smoke bombs. The photographer should be able to capture the joy of everyone, the colors, and the beauty in the mess.

Funny Shots

Wedding shots should also include candid and fun moments. Wedding photos are not all about glamour or the beautiful details of the event. Another important thing to preserve on this occasion is the happy times.

There are many creative ideas for a fun shot. It could be the couple jumping on the bed to show their childlike sides. They could also swap bodies using mirrors. Their entourage should also have some happy photos with the couple. It could be a group jump shot. The photographer does not have to worry if the group jumped at the same time. The focus should be on capturing the happiness of everybody.

Wedding photographs serve many purposes. They help to share the amazing moments in a wedding with people who were not around. They also serve as excellent memory preservers for those who were there to witness the event. It is important to find a creative photographer who can offer fresh content in their shots. Also, they should capture the rawness of the emotions during the wedding.