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These Things Influence the Complete Look and Feel of Any Restaurant

Diners nowadays do not just hop from one restaurant to another in search of good food—they are also looking for an ambiance that suits their fancy. Some people choose the romantic setting to spend quality time with their significant other, while others prefer casual dining to unwind and enjoy the company. Some restaurants even have board games, fun activities, and other attractions to let their customers enjoy a full day of leisure with their friends.

Nothing, however, exists in isolation. The cuisine, service delivery, ordering process, invoicing, and more contribute to a positive experience.

Customers will return to your restaurant if you provide a pleasant ambiance. A significant element for any food business is the decor; the tables, curtains, and cutlery all substantially impact people’s moods. The restaurant’s ambiance may be divided into several categories. They range from light quality to interior sounds, spatial arrangements, and touch and aroma. All of these and more have been split into tangibles and intangibles. You may learn more about them here.

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Tangible Factors


The interior is the first tangible part of the restaurant. The wallpaper, the paint, and the curtains are part of the interior settings that can lure more customers. Ensure to get color in lighter tones and match the architectural element. You should also consider the table linen, as your customers or guests will spend their maximum time there. The theme and category of the restaurant are essential in this respect.


A simple tune can turn a typical dining experience into a fine one. You can choose to play music in sync with your restaurant’s theme. If it is a cafe type, with youngsters as frequent visitors, you should have peppy and fun music. On the other hand, you can play subtle instrumentals if it is more of a corporate meeting place. Many restaurants having bars have a full musical artist team performing live for guests. The reason is that it sets the ambiance.


You also need to get all the chairs and couches accordingly. Some even have benches. Moreover, some restaurants have standing options. It is also great for fitness but more suited towards the youth. The kind of vibes the tangibles emit impacts the type of customers who opt for the place. If you have casual settings, you can also opt for low tables and ottomans.


Lights also have a significant impact on the mood. If your den is more apt for romantic evenings, installing dim lighting will do you good. On the contrary, college crowds prefer bright psychedelic lights. And if it is a fine dining restaurant that handles formal dinners, opt for chandeliers.


The crockery also has a considerable impression on guests. Corporate or formal diners would always prefer classy, glass crockery. However, the youngsters will love melamine or recyclable plates and cutlery.

Intangible Factors

Customer Experience

It is not just limited to greeting customers at the entrance and showing them the table. It is much more elaborate today. Most well-funded and successful restaurants hire managed IT service providers. They handle all tech aspects, from creating online menus to networking them with the kitchen dashboard. The touch-free and quick experience makes things hassle-free for customers, so most prefer such an option. Apart from that, the customer should also send feedback online from the table itself. Any restaurant willing to make a name in the industry and get repeat customers must abide by these norms. Hence, the requirement for an automated service provider.


You cannot see or touch the vibes in a restaurant; you can only feel them. It is more of a culture. It reflects how your staff talks, smiles, takes orders, and communicates amongst themselves. These are very similar to the soft skills or attitudes in the corporate sector. However, here again, ambiance plays a critical role. A cozy, quiet setting is bound to ooze good vibes.


They are an intangible asset for your restaurant. You should always hire staff and train them well. It is not just about caring for your customers; your employees are also stakeholders in your daily affairs. Thus, it pays to keep them motivated. How they behave will have a lasting impression on your guests, over and above the food or the tangible assets. You need to train the hosts, butlers, and servers to match the speed of their services with that of the theme. If the restaurant offers a more relaxed vibe, like cafes, it pays to slow down. They should not be checking on the guests often. But for fast-paced eateries and dining places, they can. The staff can be more upbeat and talkative as well.

These are the factors that you must consider to improve the overall ambiance of your restaurant. No matter what food you serve, the size of the restaurant, or the crowds that go there, the right atmosphere is the most significant factor that influences a diner’s decision. Making your business a success is a challenging feat, so get your creative juices flowing when designing your restaurant to ensure that you attract customers.

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