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The “Bob’s Burgers” Cast: Meat the Belchers

Animated sitcoms have become a staple of the airwaves ever since “The Flintstones” and “The Simpsons” showcased their profitability. Dozens of animated shows have graced the small screen, from the “Star Trek” animated serial that’s the source of a famous meme to gritty explorations of psychology like “Bojack Horseman.”

“Bob’s Burgers” is one of the more long-lived samples of animated sitcoms. The show has just been recently renewed for two more seasons, ensuring that viewers can be a part of the Belcher family’s adventures for years to come. Although people are familiar with the history and antics of the characters, how well do you know the Bob’s Burgers” cast? How well do you know them outside “Bob’s Burgers”?

Today, learn more about the amazing voice actors who comprise the cast of “Bob’s Burgers. Discover their careers beyond the show and which other characters they have lent their voices to.

Jon Benjamin as Bob Belcher
H. Jon Benjamin leads the voice cast of “Bob’s Burgers” as the eponymous cook.

Jon Benjamin possess one of the most recognizable voices in the history of voice acting. His rough, gravelly voice can alternate between deep and gruff to annoying and panicked at the drop of a hat. He puts both to good use as Bob Belcher, patriarch of the Belcher family and a talented cook to boot. Bob’s culinary works are often the highlight of many episodes, some of which look as scrumptious as anime food. In fact, the food hinted on the show were developed into an actual cookbook. He has one of the widest ranges in the voice cast of “Bob’s Burgers,” showcasing his talent as a voice actor.

Benjamin also voices Jimmy Pesto Jr., the son of Bob’s arch rival, the obnoxious Italian restauranteur Jimmy Pesto Sr. Jimmy Jr is a passionate dancer with a prominent lisp who also happens to be Tina Belcher’s on-and-off boyfriend.

Other Works:

When he’s not a part of the “Bob’s Burgers” cast, H. Jon Benjamin provides the voice of another famous cartoon character. He is the voice behind Sterling Archer, the dysfunctional, alcoholic superspy in “Archer.” He’s played both Bob and Sterling Archer in a single episode during a rare crossover-type event. Benjamin also has a recurring role as Mayor Whitebottom in another Loren Bouchard cartoon, “Central Park”.

  • John Roberts as Linda Belcher

John Roberts as Linda Belcher
John Roberts’ voice as Linda Belcher ranges from nasally grating to actually loving.

John Roberts is a comedian and actor who provides the shrill, nasal voice of the family matriarch, Linda Belcher. Although well-being and tenacious, Linda has a tendency to get carried away and can be extremely stubborn. However, she is a very loving mother and is still very much in love with her husband Bob. John Robert’s voice is one of the most iconic roles in the cast of “Bob’s Burgers,” giving Linda a very different vocal pitch. As a result, Linda Belcher’s voice is far more grating, which just fits the character perfectly.

He also voices Jocelyn, one of Tina Belcher’s frenemies at school. Jocelyn is almost never seen without Tammy, Tina’s rival. Jocelyn started out as Tammy’s sycophant, but over the seasons she has showcased that she can stand up to Tammy. Roberts barely changes his voice between Linda and Jocelyn, which can be confusing at times.

Other Works:

John Roberts isn’t so much a voice actor as he is a comedian. Although he has voiced different characters in shows like “The Simpsons” and “Gravity Falls”, his career is more oriented to stand-up comedy routines. He has toured the country many times and has a successful YouTube channel. In 2019, Roberts recorded and released a song titled “Looking”, which pays homage to different 80s music video cliches such as dazzling neon, inexplicable mannequins and studded leather.

  • Dan Mintz as Tina Belcher

Dan Mintz as Tina Belcher
Dan Mintz’s awkward voice acting is a perfect addition to the “Bob’s Burgers” cast.

Dan Mintz is a great addition to the voice cast of “Bob’s Burgers,” despite lending his voice to fewer cartoon characters than most of the other regulars. His almost monotone and droning voice is perfect for Tina Belcher, the complicated eldest child of the family.

Tina’s struggles include wrestling with her sexuality as a teenager, finding her place as an adolescent and learning to love herself. Mintz’s atonal droning somehow works well in juxtaposition with these dramatic struggles, creating the perfect comedic paradox. You’ll find it hard not to crack a smile when Tina is milking a dramatic moment for all its worth all while Mintz’s barely emotive voice comes out of her mouth.

Other Works:

Outside of his role in the “Bob’s Burgers” cast, Dan Mintz has worked as a writer on many of Comedy Central’s other shows. His writing credits include contributing to episodes of “The Awesomes” and “Nathan For You”. He has also written for fellow cast member’s shows, namely “Jon Benjamin Has a Van.” He also has a stand-up comedy career, much like most the voice cast of “Bob’s Burgers.”

  • Eugene Mirman as Gene Belcher

Eugene Mirman as Gene Belcher
Much like the rest of “Bob’s Burgers“ voice cast, Eugene Mirman has a successful stand-up comedy career.

One of the unique aspects of the “Bob’s Burgers” cast is the sheer mismatch of the voice actors to their characters, particularly among the lead characters. Linda Belcher is obviously voiced by a man and so is her daughter Tina. Eugene, the creative middle child of the Belcher clan, is similarly voiced by an adult man making no effort to disguise it.

Eugene Mirman not only shares his character’s first name, but they also share a manic, creative energy. Unlike most cartoon characters designated as the middle child, Gene isn’t troubled. He may even be the least unusual of his siblings, lacking Tina’s social awkwardness or Louise’s evil streak. And Eugene Mirman perfectly delivers Gene’s innocence and inner fire, juxtaposed comedically with his loud, adult voice.

Other Works:

Mirman is a stand-up comedian when he’s not lending his voice to Gene Belcher. Since the early 2000s, Mirman has been successfully touring the country in variety of comedy acts. One of the most notable tours he went on included other top comedians such as Patton Oswalt and Maria Bamford. He also has a career as a voice actor and television actor, starring I shows such as “Delocated” and ”Flight of the Concords.”

  • Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher

Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher
Kristen Schaal voices the manipulative and cunning Louise Belcher.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable members of the “Bob’s Burgers” voice cast, Kristen Schaal is the creative genius behind Louise Belcher, the vindictive and manipulative youngest child. Kristen Schaal voices Louise with alarming shifts in cadences, smoothly transitioning between slightly sinister softness and furious declarations. The chaotic quality of Schaal’s voice work is a perfect match for the youngest Belcher, given that she is the most volatile member of the family.

Other Works:

Kristen Schaal voices many iconic animated characters, almost always with chaotic and creative streaks. Aside from Louise, she’s the voice behind the tragic Sarah Lynn of “Bojack Horseman,” the criminal Jake Jr. in “Adventure Time” and, most famously, Mable Pines of “Gravity Falls.” She also has an extensive television career, usually as guest characters and has appeared in single episodes of “Modern Family,” “What We Do in the Shadows” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Schaal also has a thriving live comedy routine that began in 2006 and has gone on to perform her side-splitting routines in New York, London and Edinburgh.

The ”Bob’s Burgers” cast is full of powerhouse comedians, contributing to the longevity and unique humor of the show. Unlike other adult-targeted cartoons, “Bob’s Burgers” does not rely on irreverent jokes and controversial comedy. Instead, the writers rely on the amazing chemistry between the voice cast and their ability to bring the show’s unique storylines to comedic life.

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