10 Tips to Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding can be romantic and exciting but involves coordinating many details. Every engaged couple dreams of their ideal wedding. Making those wedding dreams come true begins with deciding on a theme and planning how to execute it. Here are 10 suggestions to help you plan your dream wedding.

Offer a Special Ring

To plan your dream wedding, begin with a dream proposal and with the right ring. Modern wedding rings may appeal, but some prospective brides may prefer the ornate beauty and classic charm of vintage engagement rings. According to Gem Society, a vintage ring is over 20 years old. (In contrast, an antique ring is over 100 years old.) Although its age helps designate it as vintage, the ring’s styling causes the admiration of so many.

Vintage styles are typically ornate and evoke the spirit of that special era. One of the most popular eras to emulate is the Victorian era. According to Gem Society, this period favors rose and yellow gold bands. The Victorian era was the first to add diamonds to rings, arranging them into an oval or halo shape.

Another contrasting era for vintage rings is the Retro Era, which lasted from the 1940s to the 1960s. Instead of a group of diamonds, a retro ring typically spotlights a spectacular solitaire. The bands of these rings are simple golden circles. The lack of extravagance in these rings was directly inspired by the economic status of post-World War II ring buyers.

Announce Your Engagement

Once the future bride has accepted the proposal and begins wearing the ring, it’s traditional to officially announce the engagement. Although not as many engaged couples place engagement announcements in the newspaper (as they did in the past), an engagement photo is still a lovely way to announce your happy news. You might post the picture on Facebook or use it to preface the wedding photo album. Ask for recommendations from friends to choose from local engagement photographers and find one who matches your mutual styles.

Since today’s versions of wedding announcements are less formal, many couples use candid or casual poses. There is something to be said for allowing the members of the couple to record a memory that depicts their true selves. To capture the precisely right image, the couple should engage in a mutual activity both love. The photographer should have their camera ready, but they shouldn’t dictate the activities.

When planning your dream wedding, you might want it to include an outdoor reception. If this is the case, having engagement photos in an outdoor setting would be ideal. Nature can frame a couple in natural beauty. Choose a natural setting you both treasure and let the picture display the beauty of your love for each other.

Protect Your Ring

An engagement ring is not only the promise of a life together, but it symbolizes your mutual commitment. Although those aspects of the ring make it priceless, it does have a monetary value – and if it is lost or stolen, you will want to recover its financial value. The best way to ensure this is to insure the ring. You must first get a jewelry appraisal to get insurance for your engagement ring.

Many jewelry stores have an appraiser on staff. Because of this availability, high-end jewelers may offer clients free appraisals when purchasing an engagement ring. The appraisal guidelines include an overall picture of the ring’s worth. Once you know that value, you can get ring insurance based on that value.

Criteria for appraisal of your ring begins with an overall estimate of the quality of the ring. Next, the appraiser will consider the metal of the ring – including the type and weight of the metal. If the ring has diamonds, their value and weight will be included when the appraisal is made. Although an appraisal may seem like a very unromantic way to plan your dream wedding, it will be a relief to recover its monetary value if a theft occurs.

Be Sure of Your Investment

The amount spent on the ring may pale compared to the venue’s budget. Finding the right place for your reception is essential as you plan your dream wedding. If you hold your wedding at an outdoor venue, it will be heartbreaking if it rains. On top of your sadness, you may also feel you wasted money when you paid for your venue.

Some couples have taken out a rain insurance policy against the possibility of a canceled wedding. According to Eventsured, rain insurance policies will calculate the compensation that will be provided in the event of specific quantities of rain. (In other words, you will be paid according to the amount of recorded rain in the area.)

Some companies that offer rain insurance also provide policies that cover other contingencies – such as if either person cancels the wedding. Various liability policies may also be considered, such as one that would pay for medical expenses if your guests contract food poisoning. A liability policy can provide the needed funds if a guest has an injury at the wedding.

Choose the Ideal Venue

Exchanging wedding vows with the one you love will be an unforgettable occasion. After the vows are spoken, and you are married, you want to celebrate with friends. Choosing the right venue will be an essential item on your list as you plan your dream wedding. Consider the size of your guest list and what type of setting will best fit the theme of the wedding.

Some couples want an elegant event held in an ornate hall. Other couples prefer relaxing with their families in a meeting space or church auditorium. If either of these couples has a family member with a nice backyard, the wedding can feature a picnic or barbecue. Couples who can afford to spare no expense may plan and pay for a destination wedding.

One popular venue trend that may work for you is a barn wedding venue. These venues can be held at a family member’s barn or booked at a commercial venue designed to be used as a wedding barn. According to The Barn at Greystone, barn venues originated in farm communities where the whole town celebrated a wedding in the barn. Barns are a perfect blend of a rustic outdoor setting with the convenience of a roof over the guests’ heads as the festivities are held.

Plan for Expected Guests

As you plan your dream wedding, if the venue you choose doesn’t have enough chairs to seat all the guests, you will need to look into wedding furniture rentals. In addition to chairs, you may need dinner tables, serving tables, and a gift table. You may also want a table for your guestbook. These necessary items can be rented from a local rental company.

Rental companies that offer wedding furniture may be able to suggest the number of chairs to order. If they are a full-service rental company, they may also suggest other helpful rentals such as extension cords, decorations (like banners, tablecloths, table settings, and a cake knife), and more. If your upcoming wedding will be during a busy season, be sure to contact the rental company several months in advance to be sure they have enough of what you need.

Set the Wedding Menu

Part of the after-vows reception will typically include a meal. The type of food you serve at the party can vary according to the theme of your wedding. Some couples may be brave enough to personally prepare the food for their wedding. However, most people feel adding the extra activity of preparing the food is an unnecessary pressure. In most cases, it’s a better idea to hire a catering service.

Before you interview wedding caterers, you should agree on the type of food you’re interested in. Typical wedding dinners include chicken, vegetables, and potatoes. However, recent trends in wedding meals have included taco bars, salad bars, burger stations, appetizer buffets, and picnic fare. As you’re interviewing caterers, you may find they have ideas you may like. Ask prospective caterers for pictures of past events where they have worked.

Your wedding reception meal choices don’t have to be limited to conventional meals. If there’s a family meal you want to share at your wedding, you can make it a part of the celebration. When it comes to dessert, you’ll need to decide if the caterer will make your wedding cake. If the cake isn’t made by the caterer, you’ll need to find a wedding baker.

Don’t Forget the Incidentals

When your caterer serves your wedding dinner, their services may not include food service supplies. You will need serving dishes, serving spoons, a cake plate, and beverage dispensers. Every guest will need plates, cups, glasses, and utensils. If you have a buffet table, you may need heat lamps, chafing dishes, and baskets for rolls.

As you plan your dream wedding, you’ll find many such items that need to be added to your list of things to do. Don’t forget to pick up napkins, trash bags, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. Those little necessities may not seem like a big deal now, but stocking up on them before the wedding will mean you don’t have to worry about whether they will be there when you need them.

Select the Prettiest Posies

One of the many elements of your wedding that can infuse color and style into the ceremony and reception will be your choice of flowers. By selecting flowers that fit your theme, you can emphasize the colors that best fit that theme. When looking for a florist, you should ask for friends’ recommendations. If you’re stuck for ideas, check online for ideas given on bridal sites that help you plan your dream wedding.

According to Brides, bold floral colors have dominated wedding themes since we were released from the strictures of the pandemic. You can still use white flowers as your base, but allowing bold colors to accent the arrangements will symbolize a colorful beginning for your married life. Decorate the bridal arrangements with matching ribbons to display the maximum vibrancy.

One floral theme that has never gone out of style features the lush, showy petals of roses and peonies. The delicacy of these flowers is perfect for couples with pastel-colored wedding palettes. Pale pink, muted coral, or baby blue flowers would work well with this theme. Most people who choose this type of flower will also choose a lacy, ornate dress.

Provide Restroom Facilities

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, your guests will need restroom facilities. Depending on the number of guests you expect, you may work with a company offering individual portable toilet rentals. The rental company for these units will transport them to your site and then be responsible for picking them up (and disposing of the waste) after the event.

Your alternative would be to contact a local bathroom trailer rental company. These facilities offer several entrances to restroom trailers, which, according to Elegant Johns, can have up to five toilet stalls. Although renting a portable bathroom trailer may not be your most glamorous task, you’ll be glad your guests have those facilities as you plan your dream wedding.

As you can see, there are many choices you will need to make as you plan your dream wedding. Sit down together at the beginning of the planning stage and list everything that is most important to you about the ceremony and reception. If the future in-laws want to be part of the planning or donate flowers or catering services to the wedding, that can be a big help – as long as the in-laws’ voices are in harmony with the wishes of the couple to be married. However, after this day is over, and you’re married to the person you love, your special day with these special components will provide memories you will always cherish.

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