TITANS’ 6.5” ‘Twice Upon A Time’ 13th Doctor Kawaii

The 13th Doctor was just made for all sorts of merch. She’s the first female Doctor, she’s got outfits easily achievable for cosplay, and her regeneration is delivers a whole lot of quotable lines – “The universe will surprise you. Constantly.” “I could show you everything if you stop being afraid of what you don’t understand.”These legs definitely used to be longer!” So I’m not surprised in the least that there’s a new figurine I hadn’t seen yet. And this one’s a beaut.

This limited edition was first at NYCC (New York Comic-Con) 2018, with what little was still availble sent to places like Hot Topic and the like. Needless to say this one’s a rare bird. A kawaii rare bird. This figure does live up to its description. It’s so incredibly kawaii. Those big eyes! That little smirk/smile!  It’s just too adorable for words. It’s also a sturdy figurine that stands quite well on her own.

Her arms are jointed, and can be lifted to pose her as you like. And her head is fully moveable, if you’re looking to re-create The Exorcist  with some Who flavor. I’m not judging. The painting is solid, and stays put even after a couple of swipes with one of my ragged fingernails. (#gardeningseason) The design is faithful to the television series, with red at the bottoms, sleeves and collar of the coat, to denote the rips and wear suffered by the 12th Doctor.

I love this little figurine. I figured I’d think it was cute, shrug, and tap out something that’d sound nice but not really have any true feeling one way or the other. But dang y’all. This one’s a keeper. And the fact that TITANS packages her up so nicely is a big plus. She comes in a box that’s similar to other 13th Doctor figurines, thanks to the partnership with the BBC, but there’s padding between the top of the figurine and the shaped-to-fit plastic covering that holds her in place. Not even plastic will be allowed to inadvertently scratch this Doctor!  And I’m very impressed at that level of dedication to product. I may need to pick up her “regular” version, just for kicks, and bookends. And I look forward to checking out more from this company.


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