Statler and Waldorf: The Macys Limited Edition

My favorite two characters on The Muppet Show wee the audience members high up in the box seats that served as the Greek Chorus for many of the acts, particularly those that they considered particularly bad. Statler and Waldorf are two generally disagreeable old men and heckled the rest of the cast from those balcony seats. They appeared in all but one episode of the show. Like Bryant & May in Christopher Fowler’s mystery series of the same name, they apparently are very old and I’d guess always been.

In one episode, as Wikipedia notes, Waldorf appeared by himself at the beginning of the episode, stating that Statler was sick of the show, and that Waldorf’s wife would being in for him. Her name turned out to be Astoria and she looked remarkably like Statler wearing a dress. Another episode had them out of their box and actually doing, if I remember correctly, a tap dance while dressed in thirties style Vaudeville costumes.

There’s a nice set of short pieces of them online in a digital format, some being ads. Search YouTube and you should find those easily. Now let’s deal with this limited edition of them from Macy’s. I don’t recall when I purchased them but it was likely some twenty years ago from the online version of Macy’s which was the only place that they were sold. And I see that they’re selling for nearly

They’re fairly, easily ten inches from the top of their heads to their shoes. Their heads have hair and semi-believible eyes, the head and hands (which have three fingers and a thumb) being made of some odd material, like compressed felt. — has an open mouth; — has a closed mouth and a mustache. Their noses are definitely as they were as muppets.

Their suits are made of real cloth with — wearing a pin striped suit and white shirt with blue dotted black tie; — has a brown suit and blue shirt with a brown tie. Yeah there’s a lot of detail here. The shoes aren’t terribly believed but if you’re displaying them as I do sitting high on bookshelves, that’s a mini nitpick.

They’re very nice portrayals of what they looked like on The Muppet Show and I’m glad I got them when they were available. The only thing missing would their chairs and a representation of the balcony box they sat in.

(Manufactured by Cotric, 2000 for Macy’s)

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