Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales figure

So I went hunting on the internet for a good Miles Morales Spider-Man figure. I liked that particular Spider-Man after seeing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse during a hospital stay. I was looking for something entertaining to watch and I heard very good things about this film. It turned out that it is a fantastic film that if your are a Spider-Man fan you should see now as Miles Morales is an amazing Spider-Man and the rest of the Spider-Beings are equally amazing.

I’m reasonably sure that this is by no means an authorised figure. Like the Rocket Raccoon and Groot figure that I reviewed  previously that originated in Hong Kong, there’s a vast grey market in pop culture products around both Marvel and DC, especially if there’s been a film out with the character in question.  So the Rocket Raccoon and Groot figure appeared after the Guardians of the Galaxy came out and this appeared some months after Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was released.

So finding a figure that I liked was a matter of a word search on eBay, which is how I found the Rocket Raccoon and Groot figure. I found a number of possibilities from the usual action figures, some pretty badly done, to high-end collector figures out of my budget. This one interested me because of the dynamic. Now it is not an action figure. It’s a statue, as nothing moves on it all. And it’s only just about four inches tall. When it came it was it four parts with the head and arms separate which was a bit of a surprise. They attached very nicely, so no fuss there. The colour is sharp, with no sloppy edges, and once he’s assembled, you wouldn’t know that he came in multiple pieces. Unlike many statues, the poses is quite dynamic.

In theory, you could display him sans base but it really isn’t a great idea as he doesn’t sit right without it, as he’s got magnets in his feet that allowed him to balance as you see him here. I really, really like the pose that they did for him.

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