Funko’s Rock Candy Spider-Gwen figure

There are many figures in the Rocky Candy line of Marvel characters. I decided to take a look at Spider-Gwen. She was more than a bit difficult to find, as she was a Hot Topic exclusive but she had long since disappeared from those stores by the time I managed to track her down some months later. The non-masked version showing Gwen Stacy with blonde hair was available online just about everywhere — at the original price. This one I got off of Amazon for roughly three times her original price. Don’t get me going on what the Miles Morales figure went for that I reviewed recently!

She comes from a universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of the universe in which Peter Parker was — in this one, dies and makes himself over into  a psychotic lizard man who attacks her so she has to kill him. That means she’s forced into a career as the Spider-Being of her world, Earth-65. She’s young and she was a drummer in a now defunct rock and roll band. She’s not at all like the Spider-Man you know and that’s a good thing.

That she’s not like Peter Parker is reflected in the costume she designed, which is far spookier to my eye than his, excepting the blue dancer like shoes. The head costuming she designed makes her look far less human does Peter’s own design, and her costume, all black below the shoulders, is much less vibrant than his. If not for her blue shoes, she’d disappear into the background quite easily.  The hood itself in the comics, and in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film (which I highly recommend), folds down. Keep in mind that this is not an action figure, so this is her only pose.

She’s being renamed Ghost-Spider as she moves from her universe to the prime universe. Miles Morales gave her that – see the above film I linked to for who he is – and oddly enough her costumes fits that name.  You can order a variant on this Spider-Gwen that shows Stacy Gwen’s face and flowing blonde hair, but I feel it loses a lot of the look and feel of the total costume.

And yes I’ve got yet another action figure of her on order from Hong Kong, made by the same company who made the Miles Morales Spider-Man figure.

(Funko, 2017)

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