Rachel Button’s Long Way Round

Rachel Button is a singer, songwriter, fiddler and vocal coach. She was born and raised in Britain but she has also lived in Vancouver and Nashville, where this EP was recorded. Rachel started out as a folk performer, but here she is closer to mainstream country.

Long Way Round is a five track EP with the title track coming as number three. The track starts out with just acoustic guitar backing, soon to be followed by a pedal. Bass and drums come in, and by the time we reach the chorus we have the full band and vocal harmonies. A medium tempo song, reminding me very much of people like the Dixie Chicks.

Button has co-written all the tracks, and she has gone for variation. The opener ”Always Gonna Haunt Me”is the heaviest track, with some powerful electric and strong harmonies on the chorus. To me it’s the best track on this EP.

The next track, ”Will I Be Ready”, is softer and slower, with some lovely acoustic guitar work and a wordless middle section. But as will all the other tracks there is a build up, with instruments and sounds added along the way.

”Ruins” comes as number four. We are back to the tempo and feeling of ”Will I Be Ready”, and again strating with just a few instruments and building up.

The closing song, ”Would You Be There”, is different since the start is piano based. A slow ballad with a nice melody line.

All in all, a nice record. Rachel Button sings like an angel all the way through, and everything is well produced, well played and well mixed. The problem for Rachel Button is she is working in a musical field that at the moment seems a bit overcrowded. Good female country singers are a dime a dozen, and though she is as good a singer as any of the more well known ones, she would need something to make her stand out from the crowd. But since this is only her second EP, and there has been a single since, maybe she will find that. Then remember where you read about her first. And you could do much worse that having this one running in your car stereo.

(Rachel Button, 2015)

About Lars Nilsson

Lars Nilsson is in to his 60s and works with cultural issues in his hometown Mellerud in the west of Sweden. He has a lifelong obesession with music and has playing the guitar since his early teens, and has picked up a number of other instruments over the years. At the moment he plays with four different groups, specialized in British folk, acoustic country, Swedish fiddle music and the ukulele.
Lars has also written a number of books, most of them for school use, but also a youth novel and a book about educational leadership. He joined the Green Man Review team in 1998.