Various Artists and Writers’ Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor, The Many Lives of Doctor Who

The dawning of the era of The Thirteenth Doctor, which Denise reviews here, heralded the arrival of Jodie Whittaker as the first woman, long overdue in my opinion, to play that role. Other than the fanboys who hated her on sight, the Whovian public loved her and the series got ratings that far outperformed any in the history of the series since it was rebooted with Christopher Eccleston nearly fourteen years ago. May I also the young women are watching the series in numbers never seen in the histories in the rebooted series?

The Thirteenth Doctor also issued in an era of, well, lots of product. I kid you not. Denise reviewed Funko Pop’s Thirteenth Doctor figure here and she’s got yet another one that told me was ‘dorable’ that she’s reviewed as well.

Those are but two of at least five figures including a Barrie doll I know of! There’s also her sonic screwdriver, her t-shirt, her jacket and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t Her quite very cool earrings. Did I mention you can buy Her TARDIS!? Well a five and a half inch tall replica of it, which is why I’m leaving Her in front of an older TARDIS I have as it’s the wrong size for her.

Which really doesn’t have anything to with this graphic novel except it does, as Titan Comics also published a lot of  Thirteenth Doctor comics, and I do mean a lot. So being interested in what they’d published, I purchased the one that appears to be the first in the series. What it turned out to be is a rather interesting way to bring delight to fans of the series by giving them a conversation that spanned all Thirteen Doctors and many of the Companions in a manner that was both fun and refreshingly well-done for this sort of comic.

That said  this will make absolutely no sense to anyone who is not deeply, madly familiar with the Doctors and their various Companions. Provided that you’re one of those folk – and why would you be reading this review if you weren’t? — you’ll greatly appreciate this, as both the writers and the artists are very obviously as much fans of the series as you and I are.

The artwork for the most part is fine, though it varies enough to be just a wee bit annoying from time to time. The writing is, as is usual for this sort of group undertaking, largely invisible as are those who put together a quilt. Look, we’re not talking high art here — it’s one step above fanfic.

It is a rather nice look at the history of series for long term fans, as it’s full of Easter Eggs none of which I’ll detail here as that’d spoil your fun. It’s a fast, not terribly challenging read but certainly worth the hour or so it’ll take.

(Titan Books, 2018)

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