Robert M. Tilendis, Master Reviewer, Special Projects Editor, and Acquisitions Associate (Classical Music), has an extensive hat collection, and he's worn them all. He's become convinced, after all these years, that being a Midwesterner is genetic as well as aesthetic. It's something to do with cloud castles and endless rows of corn, he says. He balances his needs for urban life and green space by living in The City in a Garden -- yeah, that one, with the broad shoulders -- and spends a lot of time walking in the parks.

He was, briefly, an actor and folk-singer. He's since edited a couple of museum catalogues and written a couple more, as well as any number of reviews of art, music and books and the occasional poem. He's been working on the Fantasy Novel From Hell and trying to figure out how to fit magic into a science-fiction story. Robert also makes pictures, which you can see at a/k/a Hunter. He spends way too much time blogging at Hunter at Random, where you can read his opinions on just about everything. He does pay attention to his e-mail, as well as every book, CD label and anything else with words on it that comes his way.

Speaking of CDs, lately he's been alternating between Richard Wagner and Depeche Mode, with the occasional pause for some Terry Riley, while feeding the 'possums out back and waiting for the next cat to happen.