Jack Merry is a Designer and Senior Writer for Green Man. He's also a fiddler with the celtic band The Dead Heroes of Culloden, and the dance band called Danse Macabre which likes to play all-night dances, but he notes his paying occupation is running Jack-in-the-Green, a festival and concert promotion company. His favorite place to drink is the Green Man pub, where the stout is served properly and the conversation is always lively. He lives in a Old Quarter fifth floor garret flat that has ample room for everything in a North Atlantic city he calls Midsummer, with his wife, Brigid Dubhthach, an artisinal baker of truly amazing pies who works at Jack Spratt Ltd., and their many cats. (Brigid is also a lover of good music, interesting books, and anyplace where she can eat without doing the cooking.) He is the host of The Wild Hunt, an annual Celtic and Nordic music & culture festival held every midwinter in his city. You will still find him busking from time to time in the Old Quarter. Not surprisingly, Jack is of Celtic ancestry, quite likely Welsh.

He owns no car, but instead rides a 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. Yes, that motorcycle!

His favorite works of fiction include Emma Bull's War for the Oaks; Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising series; and Robert Holdstock's Mythago Wood series. Oh, and some of his favorite acts include Macha Tri, Rare Air, Morgaine La Fey, Levellers, Richard Thompson, Xim, the Goodacre Brothers, Warren Zevon, Prego, Bothy Band, Albion Band, and Dragon's Daughter. And not surprisingly he has a love for single malt whiskies, with his favorites being those of the Glenmorangle and Glenrothe distillaries. You can e-mail him here.