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As long as people have been telling stories, playing tunes, and singing songs, other people have had ratyer strongopinions about them. While we are fairly certain that Green Man Review has not been around that long, one of the oldest records in our archives is a scrap of parchment on which some unknown medieval scribe jotted down his thoughts on the character descriptions in Y Gododdin . (Also in our archives are Taliesin's lament for Arthur and a reel by Queen Orphiana's fiddling jack, both captured by the Sidhe in strands of twisted glass. We have yet to find a way to transfer these to a more modern audio medium without shattering the glass and losing the music. More's the pity...)

In fact, our strong ties to both the past and the fey make Green Man Review a lively -- and often tantalizing -- combination of ancient and modern, darkly realistic and frankly magical. There's a fiddling jack, a Sidhe archivist/librarian, and a changeling are also on staff. Our present office has a wooden handle on the street door to accommodate the fey, and we've developed a back-up set of tunes in MP3 to deal with the pixies who have migrated online and occasionally try to massacre our server.

We share our lease with a troll who lives under the bridge out back. Naturally, the Fair Folk have adapted themselves to industrial vacuum cleaners, street noise and water coolers, although they still demand fresh cream and cake set out on the alley step every night. And we have not only a Welsh dragon who serves as a set of very impressive living bagpipes, and a Celtic goddess who plays a mean set of small pipes. And did I mention the Neverending Session which as far as we know has been going on continually somewhere in the GMR building for centuries now? Not to mention Bela, the violinist who insists he's from the Ottoman Empire...


GMR provides in-depth reviews of sf, horror, and fantasy books, printed, digital and audio.

Our musical focus, whether CDs or live performances, is on trad music in all its aspects, whether it be the Celtic and English traditions -- even American roots music (such as cajun, contradance, bluegrass, old-timey, and country). More modern music and world music can be found over at Sleeping Hedgehog. our sister site.

Every fortnight, we add reviews to our site, mostly of books and music, but with an increasing number of live performance and film reviews. Our fortnightly edition of what's going on at Green Man Review can be found here.

Our archives contain reviews of over twenty thousand items, including over nine thousand CDs, and far more than eight thousand books, as well as myriad films, live performances, and other cool stuff such as Hungarian tarot decks.

Ad-Free Policy

We offer an environment completely free of advertising or any wheedling pressure to buy anything. We're often told how refreshing that is, with the matrix of pop-up banners at most review zines and the multitude of ads in most print magazines that make it bloody near impossible to actually read anything. We also like our position of reviewer integrity. Our reviewers can identify with the rest of our readers, often joining our staff partly for books, music, videos, and concerts, and to stay on top of new releases. Unless specifically stated, neither Green Man Review, nor Kinrowan Limited, nor any reviewer has any financial interest, period.

While we always provide links to the pages of artists, companies, and vendors where appropriate, we've referenced them solely as a matter of convenience for our readers. We receive no monetary subsidies for our work, and do not rely upon online partnerships to defray our costs.

Send Product

we review books,music, and DVDs that are appropriate to our coverage area. We only request that it be available for internet purchase for obvious reasons!) What will we do with your product? We'll attempt to find an appropriate reviewer who will do a comprehensive write-up of your work. We will put up a review page, mention it in on What's New page, and archive it. It is generally also picked up fairly soon by Web search engines such as Google. It's far more likely than not that a Green Man Review will be ranked at the top of a search.

It's as simple as that! We'll inform you when the review is online, which is usually within three months of the date that we receive your material -- but be aware that it can take a bit longer, depending on where the reviewer lives (it takes longer to ship review material to our reviewers over the Border, for example), how fat your book is, or how long the reviewer keeps your CD in their player. If you've got any questions, e-mail Cat for a prompt reply. Please note that we do get a lot of product for review, so we are not always able to guarantee that a review will be done. And unlike some 'zines, we do not apologize for reviews that are not positive. If it's shite, we'll say so, period. If we say it's good, you know it's bloody good! As we've said, we don't have to do reviews just to sell product in order to underwrite our enterprise.

Please note that products that are from vanity presses, or self-publication need not apply. If you think your product is worth us reviewing it and you are self-published, i.e. a chapbook, you must email us before sending it!

Green Man Review reaches around nine hundred thousand readers a month everywhere --readers who attend concerts and buy books, DVDs and CDs! So if you want your product reviewed in a quality magazine that reaches a wide audience, we urge you to consider us. Just send the item(s) to: Green Man Review, Post Office Box 5404, Portland, ME 04101USA.

Please note: If possible, send us two copies of anything you wish reviewed as we like to archive a copy when possible. You must send two copies of each CD or DVD that you want reviewed! No exceptions! (Cue sounds of Richard Thompson's 'The Bone Man'...)


The Green Man Review staff is collectively responsible for the design and content of this magazine. Without their active participation, this magazine would not exist. Some have been with us a very long time ; some have just joined us, but they're on this staff because they can write very well and because they love what they do! Visit the Staff page for the complete list and bios that reveal just exactly who they are and what they do besides write reviews. If you are interested in reviewing for us, read our Prospective Reviewer Page and then email Cat Eldridge.


Actual design of the Green Man Review Web site is by Jack Merry, our staff Web designer when he's not playing music in our Pub, assisted by our capable artistic designer, April Gutierrez. If you have any problems loading or viewing any page on this site, email Jack.

The fiddlin' green man, the musician beasties, and the Green Man Review faces are copyrighted by Green Man Review. These images were designed by Lahri Bond of Heartswork Graphics. Lahri was the graphic designer for the now defunct Dirty Linen. Re-use of any Green Man Review image is strictly prohibited under copyright law. And it will also incur the wrath of the Fey.

Green Man Review is published by Kinrowan LTD which also publishes the Sleeping Hedgehog.

Legal Statement

Entire Contents Copyright 1993 -- 2010, Green Man Review except where specifically noted. Permission is granted to a review's author to reprint the review on the author's own Web site (but not in a periodical or along with collected reviews by other writers). When the author so reprints his or her own review on his or her own Web site, it is sufficient to include our copyright/link (as below). All other reprints may only be used at the sole discretion and with express permission of Green Man Review. The author may not grant reprint rights to others. To request other reprint use, contact Cat Eldridge. All reprints must be accompanied by the following, including the link back to GMR:

Reprinted with permission from Green Man Review.
Copyright by Green Man Review.

For a good example of how to reprint one of our reviews on your own site, after obtaining permission, see this reprint on author Jasper Fforde's Web site.

This site is protected by U.S. and international copyright and trademark laws.

Privacy Statement

The Green Man Review does not utilize cookies or collect regular personal information on its ordinary users and readers. Occasionally we provide links to other sites, as a service to our readers; we are not responsible for the contents of those sites. With outside links, we encourage all caution and suggest that readers investigate the privacy statements of any sites they may use. We won't give away your information to anyone, not even if they bribe us with chocolate!

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