Wonka’s Halloween Fright-Tins: Vampire, Mummy and Ghost

I love Wonka candies. Everlasting Gobstoppers, Fun Dip, Spree, Bottle Caps…they’re all the stuff my childhood summers were made of. And of course Nerds and SweeTarts, which tended to bleed over into Halloween, thank goodness. (I realize we can all buy these candies at any drugstore checkout…but as a kid, I had to wait ’til summer. Don’t judge me.)

For kids of all ages (translation: myself included), Wonka has come up with little tins that hold Nerds and SweeTarts. Why not more types? I’m thinking these two are their two most popular. Whatever; Wonka candies in cute theme tins!

Each tin is about palm-sized in size, and while they cycle from mummy, vampire and ghosts with various expressions, each one’s really cute. No spooky for little kids; this one’s total kawaii. One container, one fun-size box of Nerds (for me it was Seriously Strawberry) or two Smarties-sized rolls of SweeTarts in multiple flavors per roll. Fair trade. 50 calories total.

It’s tough to get these little guys open, but I’m okay with that. Until I figured out the secret. Squeeze ’em, with your thumb along an edge! They pop open. It’s not super easy, but that’s fine. Just means I can re-used ’em for other things. Adorable, and the low amount of candy just means I can pace myself. At less than a buck apiece, it’s a fun little treat to pick up.


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