Treat Street’s Zombie Hand Gummy Lollipop

Gummy candy feels like cheating. All the fun of candy, but without the fat and cholesterol of chocolate. That means I can eat more, right? For Treat Street’s gummy lollie, I think I’ll stick to one. Not because they’re not good, but because the’re chewy enough that one feels like enough.

“Fruit flavored” is an apt description here. There’s a sweetness, and a hint of apple tartness, but other than that it tastes like a monster mash of various flavor additives. Not a bad thing, but if you’re looking for a particular taste, you’re out of luck.

This gummy is soft, but stands firm on the stick. I tried moving it back and forth to see if the hand would wave to me, but no success. It’s also tough to get off of the stick, but I found biting down onto the red “blood” at the wrist/end of the gummy gave me better pull. Success at last!

A single lollie clocks in at 80 calories, and while the ingredients don’t list anything gluten, they do mention their plant makes items containing wheat, peanuts and eggs. So bear that in mind if you’ve got a fierce allergy.

I saw that Party City uses these lollies as props for graveyard-themed cupcakes. That’s a great idea, and could also be made jumbo-sized with multiple hands sticking up from a sheet-cake “graveyard”. Or you could stick them out of a bowl of pudding, or pour red-tinted pudding around the hand, for a more gore-tastic taste. However you use ’em, if you’re a zombie fan who’s got a sweet tooth, it’s more fun than brains. Brains just sit there and smell bad. Who needs that?


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