Stonewall Kitchen’s Cocoa Sea Salt Caramel Waffle Cookie

I fell in love when I visited Belgium. Waffle cookies. Stroopwafel. While the cookies originated in the Netherlands, I first tasted them on a trip from Paris to Amsterdam, a small packed of two I grabbed up during a break at a gas station. Now a US company has decked out these cookies with luscious add-ons like cocoa and sea salt…but I’m missing the plain-ol’ deliciousness of the original.

I had two Stroops to review, and so I ate one “plain” (right out of the packet) and had the other in the “traditional” way (left on a piping hot mug of tea, so the caramel could get even more melty and wonderful.) But there’s something missing here. Sadly, while these Stroops look and feel very similar to the ones I had overseas, they lack the hints of brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon I’d been used to. In adding cocoa, Stonewall took away the lovely blend of vanilla and caramel that I’d come to identify as a Stroopwafel. Yes, the cookie is wafer-thin. And indeed the caramel pulls out in lovely gooey strings as pieces of cookie are separated from the whole. Still, it’s just not the same. It’s fallen into the middling world, where it’s not quite enjoyable as a Stroop, nor as a chocolate and caramel treat. They left me longing for a plain Stroop, with a piece of dark chocolate covered caramel on the side. Perhaps I’ll do that next.

As they’ve gotten the overall look and feel of the Stroop, I’d love to give their Maple Brown Butter version a try. But for now, I’ll stick to the originals. Guess your first love never really leaves you.


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