Sour Patch Kids’ Sour Patch Kids’ Zombie candy

Sour Patch Kids are a candy I tend to like, but only sometimes. And by “sometimes”, I mean “I only eat the red, blue and pink flavors.” Because let’s face it, these candies aren’t fruit flavored more than they’re flavored like the artificial flavors their tinted hues portray. But I still grab for them when I’m at the multiplex. I can’t help myself, the sour compels me.

For Halloween, SP came up with a zombie version of their usual Kids. The box says these are “orange & purple soft & chewy candy”. Yes, these flavors are definitely orange and purple. The orange smacked me in the mouth with the strength of it, with the sour taking a back seat to the flavor. As for the purple flavor, it’s more sour than other flavor, mostly because these Kids don’t really have much taste beyond an initial reminiscence of melted “grape” popsicles.

Like their original cousins, these zombies aren’t gummies, but a blend of various types of sugars held in suspension. So they’re a quick chew that disappear quickly in the mouth. Each has a coating of citric and/or tartaric acid to give it that sour taste. Some have more than others, but except for a piece or two most have more than enough to give a nice pucker.

Perhaps I’m not cool enough, but with these Kids, there’s only so much I can take. And with the one-two hit of tart and strong artificial flavor, I can’t go for much more than a small handful at most. Any more and much like having a second whiskey sour, my stomach begins to pucker as well. Guess it’s for the best; I should candy responsibly.

There may be a reason I only grab for Kids when I’m at the movies. They’re fun, they blend well with popcorn or some other savory snack, but only in limited quantities.


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