Russell Stover’s Fine Assorted 2 ounce pack

russell stover asstdLittle boxes of chocolates.  They look so lovely. And with only four pieces per pack, hiding the evidence of a binge is easy-peasy.  So when I received a wee box of Russell Stover, I couldn’t wait to dig in. Sadly, I wasn’t that fond of what I found. Let’s break things down piece by piece, shall we?

  • Oval Dark: filled in with a fudgy chocolate creme. Kinda paste-y. I ate the dark chocolate, and left the unfulfilling Tootsie Roll-esque filling behind. Kinda waxy dark chocolate that imparts no distinct flavor. Dud. Next!
  • Oval Dark #2: the filling is…tan? But otherwise it’s got nothing but emptiness and disappointment. Same old waxy dark chocolate coating. Tried eating the dark chocolate off of it, but with that waxy choco, why bother? Off to…
  • Square Milk Chocolate with White Stripes:  oh thank the gods – caramel! But as with the fillings before it’s rather flavorless. Imagine the texture of caramel, but with very little actual flavor. I’m chewing, but I’m getting nothing. Can I spit this out? Cool. Finally, to the last piece!
  • Milk Chocolate Coconut Stack: wait a minute – flavor! I can actually taste a thing! This blend of milk chocolate and coconut is lovely. The coconut seems toasted, because it’s crunchy when I bite in. Then the milk chocolate gives way to a lovely blast of coconut. A perfect balance. Oh thank the coconut heavens.

Truth? I saved the coconut one for last because I figured it’d be the downer of the bunch. I’ve had sad coconut stacks before, and as a lover of coconut, I didn’t want my disappointment clouding my feelings about the other pieces.  But coconut’s the solid winner here. Not enough to make buying this pack worthwhile, but if you grab a Stover heart shaped box for your sweetie next February? This is the one to scoop up before your SO does. All’s fair in love and chocolate.


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