Reese’s Wasabi Horseradish

No. No no no no no. NO. This isn’t wasabi, it’s an abomination. And yes, I’m angry because I was hoping wasabi in a tube would be wonderful. It’d be nice to be able to put just a touch of the ol’ green horseradish onto things without having to whip up much more than I need. But guess it’s back to stirring.

This watery looking green sludge reminds me of what Regan spits out during The Exorcist. This stuff gets bonus points for being able to be shaken before squeezing, but that simply lifts this goop up to abysmal. Don’t get me started on the lack of any horseradish punch; I was able to eat a tablespoon of this garbage with zero effect. Perhaps that’s because this stuff has over twenty ingredients in, including eggs. So yeah, Reese managed to make wasabi non-vegan. Yay?

Don’t waste your time with this. Just go buy a powder, add water, and stir.* You don’t need to refrigerate powder once you’ve opened it, unlike this tube of sadness and regret. And you’ll get a delicious, nose-clearing explosion of awesomeness that we all come to expect from decent wasabi. You’re welcome.

 *If you’re interested, I grew up with Kaneku Premium Wasabi Ko wasabi powder holding pride of place in my mom’s kitchen. I buy that, or Eden Foods brand, depending on the store I hit.)


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