Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin – Snack Size

Milk chocolate and peanut butter. What a great combination. Even I, a dark chocolate fan, can appreciate it. Especially the tangy salty bite of a Reese’s cup’s peanut butter. Reese’s makes their usual cups, but sometimes they shape them for maximum holiday enjoyment. For Halloween, they do pumpkins and (only available at Target stores) bats. I managed to snag a pack of snack sized pumpkin treats so I could tell you about them. I’m a giver y’all.

Each piece is about two inches, and there’s definitely a pumpkin-with-stem look to it. But don’t hold it too long; the chocolate is so creamy it’ll start melting immediately. (Tip: put these into the fridge. That’ll get you a nice snap to the chocolate, and keep the bulk of that goodness in your mouth and not melted onto the wrapper.) With the peanut butter shaped into a pumpkin, the chocolate is draped over, so there’s a tiny bit of puddle here and there along the edges. That’s fine though; as with their usual cups, Reese’s blend of chocolate and peanut butter works best when there’s a fine edge of chocolate to dig into. More would be overkill, but letting the salty peanut butter mix take the lead is what makes these treats work, no matter the shape.

At 90 calories apiece and two grams of saturated fat per, this is a candy you should enjoy in moderation. Or at least binge only on holidays. That’ll be tough, as these are darn tasty. But I believe in you. Me? I believe I’ll have another. What? It’s near Halloween. I’m entitled.


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