McKeever & Danlee Confectionery Co.’s Liquorice Allsorts

Licorice (though the company spells it with a “qu”, I’m used to the “c”, so I’ma go with that) allsorts are so darn pretty. All the colors, shapes and styles, all in one bag. Who can resist? Not me. And these bites are a lovely way to end a meal, or tide you over ’til one.

This licorice has the real deal in it – real licorice paste at 0.02% – so folks who have issues with low potassium should enjoy responsibly due to its glycyrrhizic acid content. But if you’re looking to soothe your tum, or make it happy, this ain’t a bad way to go.

Most pieces are a combination of black licorice and dried coconut paste, that are formed, layered, and cut into different shapes. My favorite is the five-way stack, with two layers of licorice and three of paste. The vibrant colors M&D uses make these pieces stand out, even from their different shapes that use the same colors. What can I say, I like stuff that looks like cake.

Every allsorts has a piece someone doesn’t particularly care for, and for me those are the drops coated in non-pareils. I used to love them when I was a kid, because I also loved Sno-Caps. Something about the crunch, perhaps? But nowadays I’d rather the smooth combo of licorice and coconut paste. Plus, The drops are more of a jelly than the typical dark black stuff I crave, though the licorice flavor is definitely there.

As for the licorice itself, there’s a nice mildness to it that blends well with the paste. The coconut isn’t strong in this paste; I got a hint of flake texture here and there, but mostly it’s in the vein of semi-hardened icing. Think of this licorice as training wheel bits for the really hardcore European stuff. That said, they’re perfect with a cup of tea, or perhaps a glass of champagne if you’re feeling fancy. (Hint: I’m always feeling fancy.)


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