Lakritsfabriken’s Swedish Premium Sweet Liquorice

Tiny bits of heaven is what this is. It’s no secret that I love licorice, but this candy is gonna go into my Licorice Hall of Fame. This isn’t a sweet-sweet licorice, ala Good ‘n Plenty, but a lovely umami that has a nice chew and even nicer staying power. No instant melt, but each piece stays a while as it breaks down into bits. Mmmm, good stuff.

Each piece – about the size of the first digit of your index finger – has a natural-meets-geometric look to it, with a rough texture and sides that crash into each other like a slightly smooshed pentagonal prism. You get quite a lot in each 1.4 ounce package. I didn’t limit myself, yet I managed to enjoy this pack through two multiplex outings, with several pieces left over to munch on as I write this review.

Easy to eat straight out of the package, or you can get fancy and pour yourself a cup of tea, or a nice glass of vino to go with. Whatever your fancy, go find these. You can thank me later.


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