Greenbriar’s Halloween Candy Bracelets

These strange, Fruit-Loops looking candies strung on a bit of elastic string, with or without a “pendant” or “charm” made of the same kind of candy were a must when I was a kid. They were fun, they were cheap – very important when you’re dealing with a weekly allowance that had to be stretched as much as possible – and they doubled as an accessory. An accessory that melted on your neck or arm and left you with stripes that you had to soap off once you got home. But boy was it cool. And we all felt cool wearing them.

I stumbled upon these at my local dollar store, and I had to grab a bag full of nostalgia. So, does it taste just like a summer ice-cream truck candy necklace? Well, kinda. It’s got that crunchy, powdery feel that I remember from those necklaces. But there’s a slight fruity flavor to these bracelets those necklaces I ate as a kid didn’t have. Maybe now that it’s decades later, these bits of candy now have a fruitiness to them thanks to MOAR SCIENCE.  “Artificial Flavor” goes a long way, nowadays.

These bracelets are very small; think something worn by an elementary school-aged child. There’s around sixteen “Fruit Loop” candies, and a skull & crossbones charm that’s slightly bigger than my thumb. I was able to fit it around my wrist, but it was stretched to it’s maximum, leaving almost half the string empty of candy bits. I also happen to have extraordinarily bony wrists. So if you’re not bony, don’t try this at home. The string may pop, and you’ll have candy scattered everywhere.  And everyone knows that’s a Halloween foul.

At a buck for ten wee bracelets, they’re a bargain. And it’s lovely to spend some time re-living my childhood, sugary bite after sugary bite. This time though, I won’t let ’em melt on my wrist. I know better, now.


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