Greasy food revisited: Baked Eggs

This is the kind of thing you cook when it’s still cold out, darnit, and spring should have been here weeks ago, and coffee isn’t doing the job, and you want something solid in your stomach. It’s very, very solid. Think in terms of one or possibly two baked eggs per person, tops. How many bowling balls can you eat? Exactly.

Per serving:

2 slices bacon – the thin-sliced cheap stuff because a thick slice won’t cook through

1 raw egg

2-4 T crumbled sharp cheddar cheese

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Half-cook the bacon.  Easiest way is to lay it between two paper towels on a plate and microwave it a minute or three.  It should still be limp but not too underdone.

Using two slices of bacon per cavity, line a 4-oz baking ramekin or (if you’re cooking a lot of eggs) a muffin cup with the bacon, covering the bottom and sides as well as you can.  Don’t go nuts.  It’s not an oil painting.  It’ll be greasy, too.  Good.  The cup needs to be greasy.

Break a single raw egg into the bacon-lined cavity.

Crumble the cheddar cheese on top of the egg.

Bake in a preheated 350F oven  10 to 15 minutes.

Turn each baked egg out onto a plate with a spatula.  The cheese will be very cheezy.  The yellow center of the egg will be cooked.  Your arteries will clang shut, but your mouth will thank you.


One of the benefits of being a Coed Demon Slut is that you must, simply must get at least 4,500 calories down the hatch every day, or your succubus body will get fat. Oh, the horror. Most of the books in this series describe in loving detail a disproportionate number of breakfasts, because the ladies are pretty busy in the evening, and by morning it’s been a whole eight to ten hours since they last ate, and they’re waked up by the sound of their stomachs growling. For a sampling of more great greasy breakfasts, read Coed Demon Sluts: Beth, free at an ebookstore near you.

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