Godiva’s Dark Chocolate Almond bar

godival almond barAh, Godiva. I remember when I found out about you.  I was in high school, and your golden boxes called out to me. Mmm, those “Dark Lion of Belgium” pieces, with the carmel so soft it oozed out of the piece after the first bite. I loved every piece of dark chocolate you’ve ever created. Heck, I even loved your “Milk Chocolate Hazlenut Oyster”, even though I’m a dark chocolate gal through and through. (Not a fan of your white chocolate though. Not your fault; white chocolate is the devil.)

But about this bar.  Good chocolate is good chocolate. Unfortunately for Godiva, this bar is only fair to middling. I love that it’s 72% cocoa; that really feeds my dark chocolate cravings.  Unfortunately, that percentage is the only thing I really love about this chocolate. It’s kinda waxy in the chew, with a so-so chocolate flavor. Chewy, firm chocolate that gives a lovely sink-your-teeth-in bite.

The good news for “not enough nuts in this bar” complainers? Nice minced almonds throughout this bar, with nary a piece that isn’t full up with minced almond goodness. Though folks who like to dig their teeth into whole almond crunch will be disappointed, it’s nice to get a bite of nut in every single bite. (Godiva has whole almonds covered in dark chocolate, for whole nut purists.)

Nice, but for folks who have had other types of dark chocolate, this is an echo. Why? Well, it’s a bit too run of the mill. After getting my hands on small-batch and artisinal chocolates, a big-league retailer like Godiva can’t measure up when it comes to plain bars. I’ll continue to enjoy my occasional piece and truffle from Godiva shops, but I’ll look elsewhere for true chocolate bar satisfaction.



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