Epic Bites’ Maple Glazed & Smoked Tender Salmon Bites

Mmm, salmon. I never liked fish when I was a kid – blame that on a mother that overcooked every finned creature to sawdust – but when I started cooking for myself I fell in love with salmon. Miso glazed, wood plank grilled, poached, however it’s prepared I’m up for it. So when I found out that Epic came out with a jerky-esque salmon – “100% Wild Caught Salmon” – I couldn’t wait to give it a try. And these Bites are, in fact, Epic.

Tender, smokey, not particularly sweet unless you count a slight bit of maple that gets going after a few chews. Think the sweetness in a traditionally grilled teriyaki (not the syrup-infused pre-bottled garbage), a blend of smoke that gives way to hints of garlic and onion. There’s a luscious, slightly oily texture to these Bites, thanks to a blend of the Omega-3 salmon oils with a touch of coconut oil.

Each bite is a lovely little square of dense salmon, about the size of the first joint of your thumb. Hash-marks score each piece, though they looked “stamped” or molded on rather than grilled. But the pattern lets you know what you’re gonna get, in case the lovely smell of smoked fish that drifts toward you as soon as you open the packet didn’t clue you in immediately. That smokey smell and taste should be like ringing a dinner-bell for any salmon or jerky fan. And with a resealable pouch, it’s perfect for taking on a hike, or slipping into a picnic basket. (Or you can follow my lead and scarf ’em down while binge watching Castle Rock on Hulu. Tomato, potato.)

Just don’t overindulge. You’ll want to savor these Bites. Despite their small size, these substantial little bites can be quite filling after a few squares. But think of it this way; if you parcel them out a few pieces at a time, you’ll get to enjoy them longer. Silver lining and all that.

I love them. There’s no better way to put it. I could wax on and on about how delicious they are, or how a few are just the perfect little nibble with a glass of red. But simply put, these Bites delight me. I I just put several bags of these Bites in my Amazon Smile cart. They’re that good.


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