Brooklyn Born Chocolate’s Holy Molé

At first glance, the idea of chocolate laced with spices more often found in South American cuisine might seem a little off-putting. But hey, they’re all from South America, so there’s got to be some affinity there, right?

Brooklyn Born Chocolate, although currently based in New Jersey, was, indeed, originally in Brooklyn, New York. Executive Pastry Chefe François Bonnet is noted for blending exotic ingredients — fruit, nuts, and spices — with very “normal” counterparts — in the case of their Holy Molé, caramelized Rice Krispies.

Holy Molé comes in a 2.1 oz (60 g) bar scored into six squares. Aside from the chocolate, which is 72% cacao, the ingredients include almond, toffee bits, chile blend spices (pasilla, casabel, ancho, mulato), sesame seeds, and fleur de sel.

Ah, but how does it taste? It’s fairly brittle, but tends to, as they say, melt in your mouth. The overriding taste is chocolate, slightly bitter, with, ultimately, a buttery feel and an underlying saltiness. And, in spite of what you might think from the name (and the ingredients), it’s not particularly spicy — just a sort of tingly aftertaste (but be warned: that tingle builds up the more of it you eat).

All in all, it’s an interesting variation on your basic dark chocolate, but for those not overly fond of spicy foods, best enjoyed in moderation.

Brooklyn Born Chocolate can be found here.

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