Alli & Rose’s Chocolate Covered Candies: Pomegranate and Açai and Blueberry

Alli & Rose’s website tells us only — and that largely by inference — that Alli & Rose is a brand owned by CAL Marketing, which supplies “both retail and wholesale customers with quality and innovative products at an every day low price.” Take that as you will.

Research into the maker of the two chocolate-covered candies sitting on my desk, daring me to gobble them down stymied, let’s just cut to the chase.

The first selection of “fruity bite-size bliss” (that’s what it says) is the dark chocolate-covered pomegranate. It, and its companion, come in a 2.7n ounce (70 g) bag filled with individual chocolate-covered candies. The chocolate coating is shiny and somewhat brittle; the chocolate flavor is almost lost in the tart taste of the pomegranate filling, which itself is a nice firm jelly. The flavors ultimately do blend nicely, leaving a nice tart chocolate taste in the mouth.

The second example of Alli & Rose’s candies on hand is the açai and blueberry. Not being a devotee of health foods (or the latest fashionable food that’s reputed to be good for you), I’ve not run across açai before, and so can’t really say whether coupling it with blueberry makes sense. However, the flavor, once you bit into it, is dominated by the earthiness of the blueberry; the açai does seem to lend a bit of tartness to the aftertaste, a nice counterpoint to the blueberry.

All in all, not much more can be said of these two candies, but, as they say, the proof is in the pudding; it’s really hard not to chomp your way through a whole bag without realizing it. They’re that tasty.

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