War for The Oaks (a movie trailer)

Well for a movie that never got made alas. Emma Bull’s War for The Oaks tells the story of Eddi, a rock and roll musician, that gets caught up in the enternal war between the Summer and Winter Courts of the Fey. You can read our review here. It’s a splendid story told well that even has its soundtrack, many of the songs there covered by Cats Laughing, a band that Emma and a lot of other cool folk are in, so see our review of Another Way to Travel for that story.

For the amazing details on this brief but amazing film, go read our review. After you read the review, go here and view it. Please don’t distribute elsewhere as we’ve exclusive rights to it.

About Emma Bull

Emma Bull is the author of War for the Oaks and other novels, including Territory, which was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award.