A Kinrowan Estate story: An Invitation

From: Ingrid, Steward of the Kinrowan Estate
To: Our friends in the local area

You are cordially invited to a weekend celebration of Summer which will be held the third weekend of June starting on that Friday afternoon.

Now I know we’re all busy with Summer work but if you’ve got sometime spare time, do drop by for a while. If you want to stay a night or more, we’ll have the yurts ready for your use but RSVPing is a good idea. We’ll be running a shuttle back and forth the village if you decide to stay there.

Gus, our Estate Gardener, is doing a pig roast with all the fixings on Saturday evening. If the weather cooperates, we’ll eat buffet style around the roasting pit; if not, it’ll be in the Pub with the kegs tapped there. This pig is being provided by the good folks at the High Meadow Farm.

The Kitchen will be  providing food pretty much non-stop from early morning breakfast to late evening suppers for those of you who are here. Riverrun and Sunrise Farms are also donating food stuffs and kitchen labour for this weekend, and others of you are kicking in as well. We’ll put up a work schedule for those of you who want to pitch in and help out for a few hours.

We’ll be tapping kegs of a new Summer Ale and the last of the Spring German-style beer as well. For those driving home, we’ll have plenty of coffee and tea as well.

Just for fun, we’ll be holding a hand ice cream making contest with everyone participating bringing the ingredients for their favourite ice cream. Riverrun’s providing the whole milk and cream, we’ve got the sugar et al, the ice and the hand cranked machines you’ll need. Judging will be by the current group of Several Annies, our Library Apprentices.

We’ll having three contradances, one each evening commencing on Friday around eight. My Bouncing Doxy, Chasing Dragonflies, and Black Swan White Raven, respectively, will be the contradance bands. Iain, our Librarian, will be calling for all three, bless him.

Bela, our violinist from somewhere in Europe, will be joining Huddled Masses for an afternoon concert of the works of that other Bela, Bartok, on Saturday afternoon.

If you’ve questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. As I said, do RSVP if you want overnight accommodations.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you here!

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