A Global New Service story: Strange Libraries

21 December 1927
Global New Service

All of the great cities of the world have hidden depositories of knowledge. Some are hidden beneath public such as the Gotham Library which is connected to the New York Public Library by stroking one of  the stone lions just right, or the Alexandrian Library which is accessed by entering a certain doorway that’s there when you really need it.

Oddly enough, I found finding the London Library much harder to find as I’ve been searching for it for over centuries now ever since a man who believed he was a descendent of one of the founders of London two years said his family held one of the maps to its location. Unfortunately he died before giving the map. And his family had not a clue what he meant.

So I did research in the hidden libraries across the global. Well I could find the Tokyo one and a few others stayed hidden, one tried to kill me and ruined a leather jacket I cherished, and another apparently was now missing as the doorway led to nothing. And I do mean nothing.

But clues showed slowly — a palimpsest of the history of all of them was hidden in a book authored by Sir Isaac Newton, a Roman scroll showed that it was not fixed in geography and possibly time as well.

So where was it? No, that’s not the right question as each Library is more of a what than a where. Some Libraries, say the Tesseract Library, are effectively infinite in size as they hold all knowledge; others are contained within a single room with books blank ’til a question to The Librarian who is The Book is asked

And I’ve heard of one that’s a sphere composed of back stone that gives you access to all the knowledge in  the multiverse when you hold it  and if it thinks you are worthy of that knowledge. That one I’m convinced a story told late at night by Librarians trying to top the other Librarians.

Need I say that The Librarian is just a physical extension of one Library? The Librarian for the Gotham Library updates her look to current standards and prides herself on knowing the latest gossip concerning the other Libraries. So what is the London Library?

I got a lead from Lady Alexis, the most amazing Librarian for the Kinrowan Estate. I met her in Cairo one cool winter morning and we had tea at my hotel where I told her of my quest which was they hadn’t seen me for some decades. When she returned home, she asked Laith, a Fey who was the Archivist for all of the Libraries, where it was.

Laith cryptically said it was with Odin’s Ravens. It was, and wasn’t I surprised, contained in the memories of every raven that ever existed. Huginn and Munin were but a small part of that Library but they were the gateway to getting in. Ask them the right questions and you got in, ask the wrong questions and, well, let’s just say you wouldn’t know that you’d ask the wrong questions.

That’s enough for this time. I’ll be back soon with the rest of the

About Nicholas Winter

Nicholas is a friend of the Estate who’s been around since st least the early Forties and possibly quite a bit longer. Isin’s sure he’s not Fey but is uncertain as the source of his longevity.

He’s a writer by trade, preferring to freelance instead of working for any one publication. He  a polyglot when it comes to languages— Reynard saw him late one evening in a London pub  simultaneously hold conversations in Turkish, French, Hebrew and Spanish while being somewhat obviously intoxicated.

He’s a reader of pretty much of mystery fiction in English, Grrman, French and even Turkish. He’s a drinker of whiskey and ale mostly but’s very fond of Raki, the Turkish national alcoholic drink.

He’s been associated with the Estate  long enough that he actually has a room permanently ser aside for him tucked up under the eaves. An honoured statement indeed.

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