What’s New for the 6th of October: A breakfast biscuit, Women in Genre Fiction, Princess Bride Times Two, Trad Plus, Robert Hunter RIP and Autumn has really arrived!

Brown-eyed women and red grenadine,
The bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean.
Sound of the thunder with the rain pourin’ down,
And it looks like the old man’s gettin’ on.

Robert Hunter’s Brown-Eyed Women

Remember I mentioned Ingrid, my wife, who’s the Steward for the Estate,  did an inventory of the woollen blankets that we got last October, as most staffers keep the heat cool enough in their sleeping areas not to be too warm, and woollen blankets are preferred covers by most every soul here? Well, these are really nice ones. Some blankets seem to get lost, some down the decades just wear out. And replacing them is bloody expensive! Well the ones we ordered from the Anatolian mills just came in. I sense much wonderful sleeping is upon us this Winter season!

I’ve had breakfast, well an early afternoon one of a really big biscuit brimming with smoked ham, well done egg as I like it to be, sliced onion and cheese along with lots of cardamon coffee, so I’m ready to finish this Edition off so you can go ahead and have a go of it. There’s music from the late Robert Hunter  and a look at The Princess Bride in both of its forms, along with lots of other neat stuff.

Up for a bloody good alternate steampunk adventure based in a Victorian London that wasn’t? Elizabeth has one for us: ‘Nevertheless, an unconvincing conclusion aside, S.M. Peters’ Whitechapel Gods is a gorgeously written, endlessly inventive steampunk novel and a truly entertaining read.’

Jayme has the Good Parts for us: ‘Some forms of fantasy are pure escapism. Other forms use magic and myth to promote social consciousness. And then there’s The Princess Bride, a book that exists in a class all its own. William Goldman’s tale of True Love, Harsh Revenge and Rodents of Unusual Size exhibits a gleeful audacity seldom seen in literature before or since.’

Kathleen has a bit of Southern magic for us: ‘Cherie Priest is a first time novelist. However, she writes with ease and a deceptive power, like the flow of the Tennessee River through her home city of Chattanooga. Four and Twenty Blackbirds is a Southern Gothic with a hint of hard boiled mystery: there’s grit in the magnolia honey and in the heroine as well.’

Warner says happily ‘Gauging the influence of women on genre fiction can be rather difficult due to years of gender bias in criticism and historical recording. As a result I was pleased to hear the announcement of Monster, She Wrote by Lisa Kröger and Melanie R. Anderson. I love histories and biographies, and this work combines the two rather effectively. Written in a colloquial, almost casual, style this book nonetheless is informative and clear. As a result it is not only useful, but could easily serve as a textbook in a class for beginners studying the subject matter.’Denise welcomes the new month by…reviewing a St. Patrick’s day brew? Well, it is stout season, so we’ll allow it. Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.’s Cookie O’Puss Limited Edition Stout had her happily draining her glass. ‘…a lovely cycle of mint, chocolate, raw cocoa, and roasted malt that’ll have you emptying your glass before you know it.’

Denise also took a bite of Billinger’s Coffee Toffee 75% Dark Chocolate, Almond Toffee & Rich Roasted Coffee bar. ‘Sometimes I feel as though I’m not cool enough for some of these uber-fancy chocolate bars. Such was the case with this one…’ Read her full review to find out what she thinks of this treat!

L.G. happily says ‘Envision a film with Billy Crystal, Carol Kane, Peter Falk, and Peter Cook that is absolutely hilarious, yet none of them appear in the lead roles. “Inconceivable!,” you cry and I reply, “I do not think that word means what you think it means.” Yes, indeed, we are talking about The Princess Bride — the wildly successful movie based on the wildly successful book of the same title. Both book and screenplay were written by William Goldman which explains two things; 1) why they match up so well, and 2) why they’re both so very, very good. Fast-paced adventure and laugh-out-loud humor are combined to wonderful effect.’

Brendan looks at Jay Ungar and Molly Mason’s Harvest Home: Music For All Seasons: ‘This is an amazing CD that manages not only to pay tribute to the rural style of life but the entire field of American traditional music as well. Ungar and Mason have created a unique blend of orchestral and folk music that manages to preserve the integrity of each style while enhancing each other.’

Jack looks at a band back together after a very long break: ‘Pastures of Plenty, named for one of the more famous Woodie Guthrie song, brings back togather all the original members of the JSD Band for only the second time in the recording studio since their breakup in 1974. The band have been compiling new material over the last couple of years which draws from the same original mix of traditional Irish, Scottish and American traditional music along with a new song penned by fiddler Chuck Fleming. ‘

Meredith has a two-for for us: ‘Irish singer, songwriter, and vocalist Susan McKeown, originally of Dublin but now emigrated to New York City, is widely considered to be one of the fastest rising stars in contemporary music. She has released several critically acclaimed albums, both on her own and with her New York-based Celtic/jazz/rock band The Chanting House. She has proven herself to be a very versatile artist, as two recent collaborations amply illustrate.’

Aly Bain’s Aly Bain & Friends says Pat is ‘Exuberant, rich, steeped in tradition and eclectic, this album is a snapshot of one of the great fiddle players of recent times having a bit of fun. At the end of the day though, despite his forays into other musical genres, Aly Bain remains the quintessential Shetland fiddler and his many fans around the world are glad of it.’

So this What Not is a review of the masked Spider-Gwen figure, out of the many figures in the Rock Candy line of Marvel characters. She was more than a bit difficult to find, as she was a Hot Topic exclusive but she had long since disappeared from those stores by the time I managed to track her down some months later. The non-masked version showing Gwen Stacy with blonde hair was available online just about everywhere — at the original price.

I just learned that Robert Hunter died on the 23rd of September. Fuck. Since I rather like ‘Brown-Eyed Women’ quite a bit but my favorite version isn’t the one with Garcia singing that the Dead did, but rather is one done by Hunter who wrote much of what they played including this song and my favourite version is done by him during a show at Biddy Mulligan’s in Chicago on the tenth of October some thirty years ago. So let’s now listen to him doing that song.

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I’m a concertina player, and unlike my wife who has a fine singing voice, I do not have anything of a singing voice anyone want to hear!

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