A Kinrowan Estate story: Oh That Biography

So you want to know about the Sandy Denny bio that Reynard was alluding to in the Pub earlier this evening?  Well I can’t give any specifics about it but I can tell the tale by changing the names of all involved. A writer for a long gone American music magazine, call it Frets, decided to write a biography of Sanny Denny who died as the result of  a fall down some stairs at her home even though her death was some weeks later. The Coroner’s Inquest found mid-brain trauma to be the cause of her death.

if you need to acquaint your self with her as an artist, go read read read Deb’s review of Leif  & Leige which will be more than enough to make you realize some was truly among the world’s best musicians, not just one of the world’s finest English folk musicians. I’ll wait — go read it .

She just over thirty years old when she died, a tragedy for a folk musician of high esteem working with Fairport Convention, Fotheringay, the Strawbs and otherwise. Here’s a link to her singing with Fairport, circa —-.

He got an advance from a well-regarded publisher here in Britain and set out doing interviews and such. So far, so good. And then she turned in her draft which was when the shit started piling up. It’s been speculated on who was her pusher. (Her husband had left her and taken their daughter as her drug usage was getting worse rapidly.) And the writer decided to say who it was, a gross speculation at best. (I read the draft — hid evidence was scant at best. And I no longer remember who it was. And the Infinite Jukebox, our figital media server, no longer has the PDF on it.) Hid publisher hit the roof and said that bit had to go (he refused), so he got a ban from it being published anywhere and demanded the advance back. And that’s where the story ends.

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