A Kinrowan Estate story: Our Greensward

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One part of the greensward is set aside for a cricket field. We just refurbished this area last year as it was showing its age after nearly a decade sin E the last spruce up. Yes, I know that Scots aren’t great cricket fans but the Estate has workers from all areas of the crumbling Empire, many of who do play cricket. And we get a lot of summer visitors who also like cricket.

Summer weddings get held here very often, a major revenue generator for us. It’s amusing to us when wedding planners discover we don’t do amped music, don’t do fancy wedding food, and definitely don’t have a day spa for the bridal party to indulge in the day before. Despite that, we still do many weddings during the summer.

The greensward is big enough that a wedding can take place and still leave leave lots of space for kite flying, picnics, frolicking, book reading, sword fights (yes really) and almost anything else you can imagine. There’s even a few spots where a good fuck in privacy among the wooded areas is possible on a quiet afternoon.

You might well guess that it’s a labour heavy exercise to keep this greensward healthy with heavy usage. It’s one of the reasons we beef up staff for the summer. It requires mowing, cleaning of grass and leaf debris, cleaning up after events, and so forth.

There are trees in some area of the greensward making for needed shade and breaking it up to create some area of privacy. Not surprisingly, the corvids think it’s a great place to perch and wait for someone to forget a shiny trinket or a bit of food.

If you want to know how long the greensward has been in existence, all I know is the Estate Archives say it’s been here at least since the Reign of Queen Elizabeth the First.

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About Gus the Estate Head Gardener

I’m the person responsible for both the grounds and the livestock which are raised here. I live with Bree (my wife) in one of the cottages that has been here for centuries.

I actually enjoy Winters here as my work load is considerably reduced as I let the younger staff members handle the needed work which leaves me time for reading, ice skating and skiing, not to mention just being with my wife. Bliss!

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