A Kinrowan Estate story: Travelling (A Letter to Ingrid)

Dear beloved,

I’m headed to meet you in Saint Petersburg this coming Monday as my flight leaves this Sunday evening. I’m looking forward very much to being back together with you, as it’s been too long that we’ve been separated, but the flight during the holiday season should be horrid, as it’ll be crowded and it’s eight hours long! Fortunately I’ve got my iPad loaded with both entertainment and work material. (I promise no work ‘tall for the twenty days I’m on vacation!) Given our return to here by train, it’s appropriate that I’ve started reading one of Paul Theroux’s railway books, his Ghost Train to the Eastern Star. I’ve got us booked in a sleeper from Saint Petersburg to Moscow and then through Poland to Paris and a stop over in Warsaw for a full day there.

I need a break from the Estate as, though I love the winter holiday season with its parties and feasts and more music than seems possible even for us, the Pub gets more hectic than I like, as staff and guests seem to be here at all hours. Every guest room is filled, musos are even sleeping in the barns, and I noticed that felines are nowhere to be seen for fear of being stepped on. A very reasonable fear, I admit. Even the most genial of Pub staff are ready for a break.

A merry group (Iain, Catherine, Anna, Gus and Katrina) will be joining us for our second layover in Stockholm, as we’ve decided that a few more days of dining and drinking will be in order. And the Swedes have some of the best food and ale I’ve ever tasted! And I believe I’ve heard you say you’d like to visit the Carl Larsson: Friends and Enemies,exhibition at the National museum and everyone else agreed it was well-worth a visit.

I’m must be off now, Love, as Liz is looking at me with a stare that says she needs me now. And Mrs. Ware needs to know what I’m planning on for ale choices for the Solstice feast tonight. (Answer: anything I don’t mind running out of.) And… And… And… You get the idea.

Affectionately, your fox

About Reynard

I’m the Pub Manager for the Green Man Pub which is located at the KInrowan Estate. I’m married to Ingrid, our Steward who’s also the Estate Buyer. If I’m off duty and in a mood for a drink, it’ll be a single malt, either Irish or Scottish, no water or ice, or possibly an Estate ale or cider.

I’m a concertina player, and unlike my wife who has a fine singing voice, I do not have anything of a singing voice anyone want to hear!

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